13 gorgeous NO-STONE engagement rings *

13 gorgeous NO-STONE engagement rings *

What geek could say no to this d20 engagement ring?

There are lots of reasons for wanting an engagement ring without a gemstone. Maybe you want a stone-free engagement ring because you’re hard on jewelry. Maybe you want a no-stone engagement ring because you’re just not into bling. Maybe you’re a more understated, or minimal person.

Regardless, this much is clear: you still want it to feel special. You don’t want it to just feel like a simple wedding band. You want some pizazz. This in mind, we’ve rounded up 13 unique engagement rings without stones. Most of these work for the ladies in the house — those of you who identify as wanting something a bit more dainty. But some of them run a bit more masculine, if you’re proposing to a dude-type person. There are some geeky options here, some minimalist options, and some more dainty organic vibes.

Loving the delicate design of these rose gold stacking rings
The interlocking shapes of this ring send nice vibes about how interconnected we are in marriage…
This no-stone engagement ring design really puts the ROSE in rose gold, you know what I mean?
Aww, this one’s pretty geeky, right? We love the pixelated heart, and this is firmly gender neutral — perfect for those proposing to a masculine-identified partner.
This ring is similarly geeky, but a bit more delicate.
We appreciate the simple geometry of this ring from Gemist.
We’re getting deeply organic vibes with this tree engagement ring.
Aww, it’s an I CHOOSE YOU engagement ring. Who needs a gemstone when you’ve got a pokeball??
Loving the vintage vibes on this pointed stone-free engagement ring.
This no-stone engagement ring has a minimal, geometric silhouette that we just love.
This stone-free engagement ring has these great facets to it. Love the dimensionality!
This might be the ultimate minimalist engagement ring! Who needs a stone when you’ve got… an open circle.
13 gorgeous NO-STONE engagement rings *

2021 unique engagement ring trends for Offbeat Brides *

This is a pear-shaped opal from Etsy seller HelloRing

Part of how Offbeat Bride is able to stay online is what’s known as affiliate sales. This means that when we feature a product on the site, if you click the link, we get a small percentage of products you buy. We can’t see who buys what, but we CAN see which products get purchased… and we LOVE seeing what’s trending with Offbeat Bride readers!

These are the 10 most popular engagement rings with Offbeat Bride readers right now. Do you see yours?

Trend 1: raw diamonds & hammered bands

Raw Quartz Engagement Ring Rough Diamond Jewelry Natural Uncut Ring by Etsy Seller Avello

This unique engagement ring is even more affordable ($129?!) and features a Lake County Diamond, which is a thing I didn’t know about:

Lake County Diamonds are mostly clear and very hard, ranking from 7.5 to 8 (and possibly as high as 9) on the Mohs Scale. They have been used commercially and industrially, but are in greatest demand as semi-precious gems. Lake County Diamonds may be set uncut for a rough natural look, or faced to set off their inner fire which compares in brilliance to African carbon diamonds.

I didn’t know?! I would love to hear from someone who has one of these rings — does it stand up to daily wear? Does it catch on things? How’s the durability? So many questions.

Hammered Textured Wedding Band, White Gold Natural Diamond Ring from Etsy seller NirOliva

Can we talk about this stackable hammered ring? Loving that more rustic, hammered texture! Loving the slim, super wearable design… this ring is only about 2mm wide. I love how the more masculine hammered texture contrasts with that narrow feminine feel. Also pretty affordable, at $500.

Trend 2: Moissanite

14k Gold Pointed Prongs Moissanite Ring by Etsy sller PandridDesign

I get why this one is so popular — it’s super affordable! A timeless design for under $250, featuring a moissonite stone. Moissanite was first discovered in Arizona inside a meteor crater! It’s a natural gemstone, but most moissonite these days is created in a lab, so there is no environmental disruption in the creation of the gem.

The biggest difference between diamonds and moissanite (besides being two different gemstone families entirely) is that moissanite gems have about twice the amount of fire that a diamond has. A gemstone’s sparkle is made up of two parts: fire and brilliance. Brilliance is the white light, while fire is the colored rainbow light. Jewelers can tell the difference between moissanite and diamond because of the fire, but most people cannot see the difference. Mainly, more color comes out of moissanite than out of a diamond’s sparkle. It’s like traditional meets just the tiniest bit of offbeat.

Trend 3: Geometric shapes and black diamonds

Princess Cut Black Diamond Engagement Ring 2.44 Carat 14K White Gold handmade by JewelryByGaro

I wish we could get a better look at this princess cut back diamond ring… the photos aren’t great, but WOW it’s a stunner.

Hexagon Diamond Ring, Unique Diamond Engagement Ring with Geometric Grey Diamond, Solid Gold Diamond Ring with Wide Band from MinimalVS

Geometric engagement rings are my shiiiiiit, yo. From hexagonal diamonds to kite-shaped gemstones to intricate and bold angular settings, I’m into these bold angles. This grey hexagon diamond ring with its white diamond crown has such an art deco vibe. I love salt and pepper diamonds and bold lines, don’t you?!

Trend 4: Organic elements with leaves & florals

Twig and Leaf Bridal Set Opal unique engagement ring Pear Opal Ring from Etsy seller DoronMerav

Oh we’ve gone from geometric to organic vibes! This handmade 14k twig and leaf ring made in two gold colors and set with a beautiful opal of your choosing. Two small diamonds add some sparkle to the design… so perfect for a fairy wedding.

Leef Black Diamond Engagement Ring by DiamondsMine

Keeping it in an organic vein, we’ve got this floral and leaf motif black diamond engagement ring. The flower style black and white diamonds-filled unique engagement ring features a 1.00 carat round black diamond and accented by white natural diamonds.

Trend 5: Geeky engagement rings

Love’s Chapel Engagement Ring – White Gold with Champagne Sapphire and Emerald lab stones – 1 ct Nerdy Engagement Ring from MetalWender

Aww, I recognize this ring — Offbeat Brides love MetalWender! A tribute to the wonderful world of Final Fantasy VII, this ring is inspired by the details and story of Aerith Gainsborough. On the head are filigree details based off a scepter and final weapon in the game for Aeris, while on the sides there are church windows. Hot.  MetalWender does a ton of geek inspired jewelry, and gamer inspired engagement rings.

Trend 6: pear cuts

Vintage Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring set from Etsy seller HelloRing

Are you kidding me with this vintage-styled Black Rutilated Quartz engagement ring set? Loving the pear shape, loving the curved band, loving that it’s under $700. Also, it’s available in opal:

Here’s a review of this unique engagement ring: “Eeee!! I seriously can’t say enough good things about my ring!! I literally love it so much. It is what I’ve always dreamed of being on my wedding ring finger from the love of my life. And seriously, it does look way more amazing in person! The way the light shines and brings out the colors in the opal and the way the moissanite shines is just so gorgeous. I fool people all the time now and get told “That must have cost a pretty penny” because of how exquisite it looks, but little do they know this was more affordable than the basic, boring diamond rings I was looking at in the middle of the mall! I’m just so so pleased.”

Trend 7: Celestial inspired engagement rings

Ok, this is actually a set from Michellia… a ring shaped like the big dipper ursa major constellation, that then stacks with one of their accent rings. Are you dying?? Look at how the set looks together:

They also make this mind-blower, which feels like an astral starburst:

This is the Astra ring from MichelliaFineJewelry

Did we miss your engagement ring? What 2021 ring trends are you loving? Drop a link in the comments!

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