GROOM CROWN: for when your groom is a king *

GROOM CROWN: for when your groom is a king *

This is Sammy, rocking his groom crown on his wedding day. Photos by Graeme Wilson Photography

In the lead up to our wedding day, my groom Sammy and I sat watching The Witcher. Both of us agreed the king’s crown was cool.

“You should wear a crown at the wedding!” I said, and Sammy laughed.

It didn’t come up again until I was mooching about Etsy for inspiration and I came across a seller named OGSquad that had these pretty awesome crowns– and they were on sale!

This is one of OGsquad‘s king crowns… we love the dark gothic vibe.

I showed them to Sammy and he laughed and asked if I was serious and I said yes. The next couple of days he responded with:

“No, I can’t”

Then, “…Can I?”

Then, “Nah, it’s too silly!”

…Methinks the gent protests too much!

So I reminded him that we were dressing as the best versions of ourselves and I wanted to look like a fairy queen, and so I was wearing a floral crown. We had the budget for him to wear a crown, too!

A groom crown fit for a king!

I convinced him that life was too short and he could wear whatever the fuck he wanted on his wedding day (and if he changed his mind or got too shy, he didn’t have to).

When it arrived we got him ready in his outfit so he could see the full effect… and you could totally tell the whole thing made him feel different. Special. He preened and peacocked and it made me feel totally giddy to see him look so handsome!

Sammy says that it was a nice way to have fun with it and not take the formality of it all too seriously. Once it was on he was ready to party.

Here was the finished result!

Oh, and you say you want to see how I looked? Here we are:

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