The perfect gender-neutral wedding playlist *

The perfect gender-neutral wedding playlist *

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Even in 2021, it’s hard to find gender-neutral wedding songs, let alone a gender-neutral wedding playlist. The world is so binary, especially in the mainstream media. But you’re on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum and as such, you want/demand/hope for something that is a bit more unique. As a transhuman, I want to help others find ways to celebrate their love and commitment together, while not feeling awkward as your first dance song plays, singing about a gender that neither you nor your partner identify with!

This playlist was built with pronouns, or the lack-there-of, in mind. As such, a significant amount of modern and even past songs are scratched off the list. These songs can be great for your first dance or even a dance with another significant other such as a parental unit!

However, as a wedding photographer, I’m also avoiding some popular songs because of their insane overuse at weddings. Sorry Bruno Mars, but today just simply isn’t your day. Uhm, if you chose this song, my deepest apologies. I’ve just been to way more events than you have, I guarantee.

But ignore my hypocritical ass, because I love the shit out of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. Makes me choke up every time. I’m also a massive sucker for “Fools Rush In,” by any singer. That is probably my favorite and my skin is covered in goosebumps every time I hear it! It does mention, “men,” but I take it in abstract form. I’m sure you’ll find something to love on this LGBTQIA+ wedding playlist. These gender-neutral wedding songs are on repeat for me!

A modern gender-neutral wedding playlist

Arro Verse – Marry Me
Norah Jones – Come Away with me
Stevie Wonder – For once in my life
Keane – Somewhere Only We Know
Bright Eyes – First Day of My Life
Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You into the Dark
Etta James – At Last
David Gray – This Years Love
Train – Marry Me
Sara Bareilles – I Choose You
Brett Every – What a Beautiful Day
The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun
The Beatles – I Will
Culture Club – Love is Love
Sam Smith – Latch (Acoustic)
He is We – Skip to the Good Part
Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
Queen – Love of My Life
Jason Mraz – I’m Yours
Audrey Hepburn – Moon River
Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply (hello, nostalgia!)
Extreme – More Than Words
Little Mix – Secret Love Songs, Pt II
Miley Cyrus – Obsessed
John Legend – All of Me
Ella Henderson – Yours
Jason Mraz – Love Someone
Sam Smith – Latch
Ray LaMontagne – You Are the Best Thing
Ellie Goulding – Love Me Like You Do
Adele – Make You Feel My Love
Maren Morris – The Bone (loooove this song)
Calvin Harris – Feel So Close
Calum Scott – You Are the Reason
Cat Power – Sea of Love
Mariah Carey – Dreamlover
Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
Ben Folds – The Luckiest
LP – When We’re High
Billie Eilish – Ocean Eyes
Labrinth – Sexy MF (dirty but upbeat)

There you have it! If you have any gender-neutral romance songs that aren’t mentioned here, be sure to add them in the comments!

16 unique recessional songs for your offbeat wedding *

16 unique recessional songs for your offbeat wedding *

Photo by Meagan Rinck

If you want to be traditional, you’ll have “Here Comes the Bride” (aka Wagners’ “Bridal Chorus“) for the processional at your wedding and Mendelssohn’s “Wedding March” for the recessional.

But if you don’t want to be traditional, we’ve got ideas for you! As an Offbeat Bride, you have plenty of alternatives to “Here Comes the Bride.” But what about finding a unique recessional song? You don’t want Mendelssohn, but it’s not as though there are lots of obvious alternative choices for recessional songs.

In fact, what’s a recessional song?

When you come into your wedding space, you process. This part of the wedding often gets a lot of thought. Will someone walk you down the aisle, and if so, who, and how do you want to finesse the giving away symbolism? Will you walk to your partner or with your partner? Will you even walk? Maybe a shimmy is more your style.

But when you recess, you’re walking out of the space. This will traditionally be a walk back down the aisle with your partner, out of the ceremony venue.

Not every wedding will have an actual recessional, though. You might stroll to the other side of the room and sit down for dinner, you might stay and dance, or you might move on to a special unity ceremony. This might be the time to mingle, and you may be planning to stay in one room till the cows come home.

If you’re going to recess, though, a unique recessional song or instrumental should create just the right feeling.

You want something happy — even triumphant — that wraps up the ceremony. This should be music that lets guests know that it’s time to head outside so they can throw rice or blow bubbles, or whatever you have cooked up for your departure. The tempo should allow an energetic pace.

That doesn’t mean you have to have organ and trumpets. The list of recessional songs below includes sweet songs, grand symphonic pieces, and great dance music. One of them will be just right for kicking off your life together with the support of your friends and family.

16 unique recessional songs

  1. “Accidentally in Love,” Counting Crows
  2. “Love You in the Fall,” Paul Westerberg
  3. “Love You Tll the End,” The Pogues
  4. “Here In Your Arms,” by Hellogoodbye
  5. Legend of Zelda Main Theme
  6. “Victory Fanfare,” from Final Fantasy XII
  7. “I Believe in a Thing Called Love,” The Darkness
  8. “Glad All Over,” by the Dave Clark Five
  9. “Bittersweet Symphony,” by the Verve
  10. “Do You Realize,” by Flaming Lips
  11. “Raiders March,” by John Williams
  12. “Best Friend,” by Weezer
  13. “All I Want is You,” from Juno by Barry Louis Polisar
  14. The Muppet Show theme
  15. “Dog Days Are Over,” by Florence + The Machine
  16. “Wake Up,” by Arcade Fire

More recessional inspiration

recessional songs
Photo by Steven Rosen Photography

The happy couple can stride out together, flanked by their guests tossing birdseed or confetti, and drive away to start their honeymoon. But that’s not the only option. Check out some real weddings that did something different:

  • One Aussie couple put on skis for their recessional.
  • A Seattle couple handed out kazoos and asked their guests to play along to their Star Wars theme recessional.
  • A Canadian couple got the whole wedding party to dance out with them.
  • A Denver couple brought in bagpipes for their recessional.
  • At a Pennsylvania amusement park, one couple rode out of their wedding on a haunted house ride.
  • A New Jersey couple paraded their way out of the venue with a marching band.

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