13 gorgeous NO-STONE engagement rings *

What geek could say no to this d20 engagement ring?

There are lots of reasons for wanting an engagement ring without a gemstone. Maybe you want a stone-free engagement ring because you’re hard on jewelry. Maybe you want a no-stone engagement ring because you’re just not into bling. Maybe you’re a more understated, or minimal person.

Regardless, this much is clear: you still want it to feel special. You don’t want it to just feel like a simple wedding band. You want some pizazz. This in mind, we’ve rounded up 13 unique engagement rings without stones. Most of these work for the ladies in the house — those of you who identify as wanting something a bit more dainty. But some of them run a bit more masculine, if you’re proposing to a dude-type person. There are some geeky options here, some minimalist options, and some more dainty organic vibes.

Loving the delicate design of these rose gold stacking rings
The interlocking shapes of this ring send nice vibes about how interconnected we are in marriage…
This no-stone engagement ring design really puts the ROSE in rose gold, you know what I mean?
Aww, this one’s pretty geeky, right? We love the pixelated heart, and this is firmly gender neutral — perfect for those proposing to a masculine-identified partner.
This ring is similarly geeky, but a bit more delicate.
We appreciate the simple geometry of this ring from Gemist.
We’re getting deeply organic vibes with this tree engagement ring.
Aww, it’s an I CHOOSE YOU engagement ring. Who needs a gemstone when you’ve got a pokeball??
Loving the vintage vibes on this pointed stone-free engagement ring.
This no-stone engagement ring has a minimal, geometric silhouette that we just love.
This stone-free engagement ring has these great facets to it. Love the dimensionality!
This might be the ultimate minimalist engagement ring! Who needs a stone when you’ve got… an open circle.


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