Glamorous Wonderland In Uluwatu Bali Wedding

Glamorous Wonderland In Uluwatu Bali Wedding

You know when it’s a wedding planner’s turn to plan their own wedding, it’s going to be good. So you can bet that Maggy and Filippo’s Wonderland in Uluwatu wedding was the epitome of beauty. In these tropical “I do’s“ –from the seaside ceremony with pampas grass and florals from Classy Decor ID to a laidback reception under the stars—there was no detail untouched.

And while we could go on and on about how chic this Bali lovefest was, we figured we’d let their photographer Selene of ManiSol Weddings do all the talking!

Selene of ManiSol Weddings On The Bali Destination Wedding

Maggy is a wedding planner, and she designed the whole day herself. She even designed her wedding dressand all the dresses for the wedding party–which were then sewn by her sister Beatrice. They had an ocean-front ceremony and an informal picnic-style reception. It was actually a three-part wedding–including this first event in Bali, a reception in Jakarta where the couple lives, and the third wedding in Modena, Italy.

The couple got ready in Villa Lalaland, where they had the first look as well. An Indonesian tradition has the bride and groom exchange the boutonniere and bouquet during the first look, and I found it super sweet! After portraits at the villa, we headed to the ceremony. The ceremony was held in English, Italian, and Indonesian, and it was really beautiful and heartfelt! I loved the picnic reception as well. It was such a perfect idea for that venue. The wedding band sang throughout the reception, and the bride sang a song as well (for all three weddings). It was a perfect mix of tropical and chic!

The Couple:

Maggy and Filippo

The Wedding:

Wonderland in Uluwatu, Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

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A Handmade Wedding Dress

I designed my entire wedding outfit from scratch, including buying the fabric and picking the material. I worked closely with my sister, who is a fashion designer, to put every single floral detail on the gown. Then, with the help of my sister’s dedicated seamstress team, we managed to finalize the exact dream dress and shoes that I wanted.

Why A Wonderland In Uluwatu Wedding

I came across a few places in the area I liked and contacted them one by one to get an idea of their prices. After sorting them out based on the wedding budget, we managed to narrow it down to three options. We then flew to Bali to visit those venues–which I think is very important. Funny enough, when we visited our venue, it was still under construction, so we were basically their first client. But I saw the potential right away and with a good bargain, we went for it.

Putting Together The Wedding Budget

The first step I recommend when putting together a wedding budget would be doing a little research on the three most significant costs for the wedding–venue, catering, and decor. I knew exactly what I wanted and finding out the estimated prices for these was how I started. From there, I discussed it with Filippo and we set a budget. We also put aside a good 15-20% for unexpected expenses. Remember that the number of guests will determine your budget, so a good tip for other couples out there would be if you don’t want to spend too much or have a tight budget consider an intimate wedding with just a few close families and friends.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – ManiSol Wedding
Event Planning & Invitation Design – The Unicorn Brides
Getting Ready Venue – Villa Lalaland Estate
Reception Venue – Wonderland Uluwatu
Floral Design & Rentals – Classy Decor ID
Catering – Oma Thias
Day of Coordinator – W the Organizer
Live Music – Lova Entertainment
Videography – Mario Lourdi
Makeup Artist – Mutia MUA
Hair Styling – Sita MUA
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Lithe Atelier
Groom’s Apparel – SAS Designs


Congratulations again to Maggy and Filippo on their Wonderland in Uluwatu wedding. We’re so thankful that ManiSol Weddings was there to capture every well-thought-out detail of the special day. Before jet-setting off on your own magical destination wedding, be sure to check out these etiquette tips you need to know!


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Elegant Tahoe National Forest Elopement *

Elegant Tahoe National Forest Elopement *

Just a year and a half ago, elopements were considered a pretty abnormal and unique wedding style. That changed thanks to the pandemic, and now more couples are opting to tie the knot in intimate ceremonies than ever. We couldn’t be happier to be seeing more elopements than ever. The changes in opinion about elopements opened the door to every couple unsure about whether to elope or throw an elaborate party. When it came time to plan their own wedding, Hannah and Trevor knew they wanted to say “I do” with just a few of their closest family members. Their dreams of an epic outdoor elopement began.

The couple–along with their pup–hiked to Upper Sardine Lake, where they exchanged vows before capturing forest portraits with photographer Elsa Boscarello. And although we’ve seen our fair share of weddings, we’ve never seen the “reception in a bag” that they put together for their guests. There’s no better way to celebrate than with mini champagne bottles, cupcakes, and In N’ Out fast food.

Not sure if an elopement is right for you? You’ll be sold once you see these beautiful photos!

The Couple:

Hannah and Trevor

The Wedding:

Sardine Lakes, Sierra City, California

A Memorable Sprained Knee

Aside from Hannah spraining her knee on the rocks, the most memorable part of the day was getting dressed behind a tree just off-trail! We were lucky the day was so cold so very few people were hiking in the area. It gave us enough time to have a moment of semi-privacy.

Why A Tahoe National Forest Elopement

The single most important factor that dictated the shape of our wedding was having Hannah’s sister, brother, and sister-in-law safely attend as witnesses, so we knew we wanted to be in a secluded outdoor area. Being avid hikers, we looked straight to the mountains and let the natural beauty of the Sierras be the backdrop of our ceremony. Sardine Lake stuck out as being on public lands, and the short one-mile hike to the upper lake was a bonus. We couldn’t wait to drag our guests on a hike for our elopement. It was the perfect mix of accessible, secluded, and adventurous.

Wedding Advice From The Groom

Spend time thinking deeply about what you need from your wedding. When everything is taken off the table and you can only bring back a few core pieces, you’ll be surprised by what stays and what goes. We hope that couples in the near future will be able to do this by choice rather than necessity. The practice of starting from a “minimum viable wedding” can be freeing.

A Unique Wedding Favor 

We built a “reception in a bag” for our guests, since we didn’t have an in-person reception. The bags included mini champagne bottles, our favorite cupcakes, cake sparklers, a custom coaster, and an In-N-Out gift card so we could still treat everyone to dinner, drinks, and dessert!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Elsa Boscarello
Venue – Upper Sardine Lake
Floral Design – The Little Flower Shop
Cake – Miette
Wedding Dress – BHLDN
Groom’s Apparel – Indochino
Rings – Shirlee Grund


Congratulations again to Hannah and Trevor on their elegant Tahoe National Forest elopement! We’re so thankful that Elsa Boscarello LLC was there to capture the intimacy of the day. To make sure you’ve got all the boxes checked for your own elopement, check out the ultimate elopement planning checklist!


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Eco-Conscious Liberk Wedding In A 1600s Venue *

Eco-Conscious Liberk Wedding In A 1600s Venue *

From the DIY decor to the wedding fashion that came from a charity shop, Eva & František’s eco-conscious Liberk wedding has our sustainability-loving hearts swooning. The couple, who knew they wanted to tie the knot in a church, struggled to find the reception venue of their dreams until they stumbled upon an old clergy house from the 1600s. 

With the use of rentals from NFCP Rental Equipment, simple but showstopping florals from Two Plus Love Studio, and fairy lights, they transformed the venue into a free-spirited yet romantic space. Although the two focused heavily on being sustainable, they didn’t skip out on the fun. Their day also included a beer Volkswagen van from Bulli and a first dance song by a psychedelic rock band that featured some colorful language.

We’re so thankful that Ceranna Photography was there to capture the essence of the day.  Keep scrolling to see how a sustainable wedding can be both green and lively.

The Couple:

Eva & František

The Wedding:

Liberk, Czech Republic

Eco-Conscious Wedding Fashion

We wanted to have an as environmentally conscious wedding as possible. We didn’t want anyone–including us–to buy new clothes just for the occasion. I wore my old graduation ball–the Czech equivalent of homecoming––dress. I bought it ten years prior, wore it on several occasions, and it still looked pretty damn good. My reception outfit came from Stockholm Stadsmissionen, a charity shop in Stockholm. František wore a vintage tweed jacket given to his family a long time ago by a distant relative. He also wore the only dress pants and dress shoes he owns and a Czech-made bow tie given to him by his sister as a Christmas gift several years ago. 

Incorporating Memorable Vows 

The deacon who officiated our wedding was open to whatever modifications–unless they were outright blasphemous–we wanted to make to the ceremony. This led to our most memorable moment. Right before we said the vows–which in a catholic ceremony are prewritten by the church–we held each other’s hands and told the other what we appreciate and love about them. Not many people were able to get through that part without tearing up. Us included, of course.

Free-Spirited Vibes At The Liberk Wedding

The plan was to have a relaxed and fresh free-spirited DIY wedding with a hint of old bohemian folk tradition while also strictly avoiding any tedious customs. We spent a whole week at the venue, sweeping out spiderwebs and transforming a run-down attic into a unique chill-out space. Over the week, our friends came to help out, and by Saturday, we had the whole place running like a well-oiled machine. It all turned out as an unforgettable tear-jerking ceremony followed by a laid-back summer garden party. And that was exactly what we were going for!

A First Dance Mash-Up

The initial idea for the first dance song came from František. The song is called Two Men Gang by a psychedelic rock band Les Big Byrd from Stockholm. Two versions of this song exist–one in English and one in Swedish. The first two lines of the lyrics are “Me and you, we’ve got a gang of two, everyone else can go fuck themselves.” Since we didn’t want to startle anyone this soon into the wedding reception, we created a custom mix that started in Swedish–not understood by anyone besides us–and switched to English at the very end.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Ceranna Photography
Ceremony Venue – St. Peter and St. Paul’s Church
Floral Design – From The Outside + Two Plus Love Studio
Catering – Clap Design
Live Music – Shum Davar Band
Videography – Petr Čížek
Invitation Design – Eva Ficková
Make-Up & Hair Styling – Salon Krasy Mona
Wedding Dress – Stockholms Stadsmission Second Hand
Rings – Hana Pokorná
Rentals – NFCP Rental Equipment
Transportation – Taxi Rychnov
Beer Van – Bulli


Congratulations again to Eva and František on their eco-conscious Liberk wedding! Big thank you to Ceranna Photography for capturing the sentimental day and sharing it with us. To make your “I do’s” a little more green, check out these 20 small changes you can make for a sustainable wedding!


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Magical Neutral Palette ARCA Tulum Wedding *

Magical Neutral Palette ARCA Tulum Wedding *

Now that the weather is warming up once again, we can’t seem to get enough of Mexico weddings. Mezcal, palm trees, and sand in your toes–what more could you ask for? Kari and Matt’s magical neutral palette Tulum wedding at ARCA Tulum had all of this and more. After visiting the tropical destination on vacation, the couple knew they wanted a weekend-long jungle party with their family and friends to celebrate their love. With the help of planner LM Weddings Tulum, that’s what they did.

The couple exchanged vows at a cenote overlooking the water before partying the night away under the glow of the disco balls. And although the venue’s natural beauty is unbeatable, the evening was elevated by extravagant floral arrangements from Moni Junco. Oh, and did we forget to mention that they flew their DJ in from Texas and there were also dancers in light-up costumes? 

These photos captured by Brooke Taelor have us packing our bags and booking flights, so get ready to get inspired. Because one look and you’ll be ready to jet off for your own destination wedding.

The Couple:

Kari and Matt

The Wedding:

ARCA Tulum, Tulum, Mexico

A Perfectly Magical Neutral Palette Tulum Wedding

Tulum is a place that Matt and I have loved since the first time we visited in 2018. This city exudes the same characteristics we wanted for our wedding. It’s energetic, unpretentious, and intoxicating. Using Tulum’s natural beauty as a backdrop, we opted for neutral colors, rich textures, and open-air concepts for an immersive experience that lasted all weekend long. We wanted the weekend to feel less like a wedding and more like a three-day journey through a magical jungle!

A Private Moment Between Bride And Groom

After the ceremony, Matt and I took a private shuttle back to ARCA to see the reception space before guests arrived. When we stepped foot into the entrance, both of our jaws hit the floor. Our incredible vendor team had magically transformed the restaurant into a romantic jungle oasis. The flowers, lighting, and decor surpassed our wildest dreams. That moment was especially memorable because of how much freedom we gave our vendors to create. We had no idea what to expect, and it was like walking into our very own surprise party! 

Highlighting Their Love For Music Throughout The Day

We refused to compromise on the music for our wedding. We started making a playlist for inspiration shortly after our engagement. Music is such an important part of our relationship, and we wanted it to be perfect. We flew our DJ, Christian Barbuto, from Austin to Tulum because we knew him well and trusted he would do an amazing job. He crushed it. Everything was curated to our musical taste, from the ceremony to the cocktail hour to well into the late-night party. Our reception started with our first dance song, “Treat You Better” by Rufus du Sol, and ended with a remixed version of the same song. I still get chills thinking about it!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Brooke Taelor
Event Planning – LM Weddings Tulum
Ceremony Venue – Cenote Chan Bacalar
Reception Venue – ARCA Tulum
Floral Design –  Moni Junco
Accommodations – Delek Tulum
DJ – Mr. Austin DJ
Live Music – Sureña
Videography – Morgan Scott Films
Invitation Design – Paper Source
Makeup Artist & Hair Styling – Zoe Elizabeth
Wedding Dress – Made With Love Bridal
Groom’s Apparel – Knot Standard
Rings – Eliza Page
Rehearsal Dinner – Taboo Beach Club


Congratulations again to Kari and Matt on their magical neutral palette Tulum wedding at ARCA Tulum! Big thank you to Brooke Taelor for capturing and sharing their day with Junebug. To nail your own destination nuptials, be sure to check out these destination wedding etiquette tips!


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Lavish And Elegant Ballroom Wedding *

Lavish And Elegant Ballroom Wedding *

After twelve years together, Jordan and Craig tied the knot in an elegant ballroom wedding at the Conrad Indianapolis that was full of thoughtful and personal touches. With the help of planner Emily Ventura Designs, the couple transformed the hotel’s blank canvas into a moody and glamorous space full of mirror disco-like balls hanging from the ceiling, grand ivory florals from Knox Florals, and a monogrammed dance floor.

But it wasn’t just the decor that was well-thought-out. From handwritten vows to matching rainbow socks, every small detail represented their years of love. And, of course, we can’t forget a last dance *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye” or the colorful cake from Classic Cakes.

The photos beautifully captured by Stacy Able are sure to inspire you to plan your own meaningful wedding, full of personalized details that speak to who you are as a couple.

The Couple:

Jordan and Craig

The Wedding:

Conrad Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana

Elegant Wedding Vibes At The Conrad Indianapolis

We were together for ten years before getting engaged, so we had plenty of time to think about what our dream wedding would be like. We wanted to blend classic touches with a modern feel. The ballroom at the Conrad Indianapolis was oozing with classic elegance, so we mixed in dark, rich colors and modern florals to blend the two styles together. Having thousands of candles and a monogrammed “J+C” dance floor added to the elegance.

A Family Officiant And Personalized Vows

We asked Jordan’s Aunt Susan to be our officiant because of her special relationship with Jordan. We knew that her relationship with each of us would be intimately expressed in her remarks. Her comical yet deeply endearing words set the tone for the rest of the evening. We also decided early on that we would write our own vows. We knew we wanted to do something different than traditional vows, so we took it upon ourselves to write our own. With Jordan working in communications and Craig’s profession as an English teacher, we set the bar high for ourselves. We think the waterworks from each other and those in attendance solidified our choice.


Being Surrounded By Those Who Matter Most

The thing we’re most proud of is the love that surrounded us the entire day. Being a gay couple in Indiana has its hardships, so it was comforting to be surrounded by the people in our lives who have loved us, accepted us, and fought for us. That love emanated from the intimacy of the ceremony to the hilarious speeches from the best man and matron of honor to the contagious energy on the dance floor all night long.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Stacy Able
Event Planning – Emily Ventura Designs
Venue & Catering – Conrad Indianapolis
Floral Design – Knox Florals
Cake – Classic Cakes
DJ – Grapevine DJ
Invitation Design – Funky Olive
Hair Styling – Jessica Warrix
Groom’s Apparel – Suit Supply
Rings – Shane Company
Rentals – Sterler Productions & Banzi Balloons
Favors – Kilroy’s Breadsticks


Congratulations again to Jordan and Craig on their elegant ballroom wedding at The Conrad! We’re so thankful that Stacy Able was there to capture the beauty. And a big thank you to Emily Ventura Designs for not only bringing their vision to life but for also sharing it with Junebug. To make your own “I do’s” a little more unique, check out these ways to personalize your ceremony!


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Marva and Philip’s Magical Sorrento Coast Destination Wedding *

Marva and Philip’s Magical Sorrento Coast Destination Wedding *

Picture a stunning Sorrento coast view, overwhelming support from loved ones, and a sunset ceremony. If you’re having a hard time picturing it, you’re in luck! Marva and Philip’s Sorrento coast wedding has it all.

Marva and Philip’s Italian destination wedding was a magical day that celebrated their love and honored their loved ones. This fashion-forward couple enhanced their wedding day attire—and honored their parents—by incorporating cherished family heirlooms. Every detail was carefully crafted with purpose and intentionality. 

The Grand Hotel Cocumella—an enchanting oasis on the Amalfi Coast—proved to be a jaw-dropping ceremony and reception space. The towering floral arrangements by Pia Ruoppo beautifully framed the ceremony’s waterfront views captured by Junebug member Pasquale Mestizia Photography.

Pasquale Mestizia On This Sorrento Coast Wedding

Sorrento is a hidden gem that makes it ideal for anyone who loves magnificent views and beautiful culture. The rich history and the unique natural setting of Sorrento were decisive elements that pushed Malva and Philip to fulfill their dream of exchanging “I do’s” here. Due to the pandemic, there were many unknowns during the final weeks of the wedding planning. And yet, against all odds, Marva and Philip did it with no lack of laughter, hugs, or tears. 

The Couple:

Marva and Philip

The Wedding:

Sorrento, Italy

The Bride’s “Something Old” From Her Father

We exchanged very meaningful gifts. The groom gave me diamond earrings which I wore alongside the emerald earrings my father gifted me when I was just thirteen years old. I gave the groom a personal memento of his late father to wear on the inside of his tuxedo jacket. 

A Destination Wedding Surrounded By Loved Ones

Love was tangible and present during every moment of our wedding. We were grateful all of our loved ones were able to be in Sorrento for our wedding weekend—against all odds and in the midst of a global pandemic. We’ll never forget the memories we made, and the joy it brought us.

Small Moments That Make For An Unforgettable Day  

When I turned down the beautiful garden pathway with my Dad and saw Philip standing in front of the exquisite sunset, I knew I’d never forget that memory. For my husband, his favorite memory of that day is his mother’s speech. Poignant, eloquent, and heartfelt. All the moments we shared with her during the wedding weekend mean so much now that she has sadly passed away. 

Destination Wedding Planning Tips

First, you have to have a balance of flexibility and faith that everything will work out. Especially in the current climate. Secondly, it’s really important to not get overwhelmed in response to challenges. The week of our wedding, we were forced to find an alternative venue. So many changes and decisions needed to be made but we grew as a couple in the process. Finally, have a plan but also follow your gut and don’t get hung up on the small details. The most important thing is your union. 

The Importance Of Personalizing Your Ceremony  

We personalized our ceremony by having our daughter as our ring-bearer. She was amazing—the fruit of our love bringing the rings of our union. It was also important for us to write our own vows. We chose ceremony music and readings that had special meaning to us. Everything felt so personal.

Working With Pasquale Mestizia Photography 

Pasquale Mestizia Photography and his team were amazing to work with. We knew we could trust them. They had already gone above and beyond leading up to the wedding. On the big day, they made everything so effortless and merged into the background seamlessly and professionally to capture such beautiful photos. 

The Wedding Team:

Photography + videography – Pasquale Mestizia Photography
Event Planning –
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Grand Hotel Cocumella
Floral Design – Pia Ruoppo
Cocktail Hour Venue – Hotel Mediterreano Sorrento
DJ – DJ Palvo
Makeup Artist – Jimena Puy
Hair Styling – Subrina Kidd
Rings – DT Jewellery + Diamond Palace


Big thanks to Junebug member and photographer Pasquale Mestizia Photography, and congratulations to Marva and Philip on their magical Sorrento coast wedding. This destination celebration proves that you don’t have to sacrifice the involvement of loved ones regardless of where you host your ceremony. 

Feeling inspired to take your love fest abroad? After seeing Marva and Philip’s magical day come to life, we don’t blame you. Start by checking out these wedding destination etiquette tips that will make for a smooth and stress-free planning process.


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