Forest, Ocean, And A Beautiful Beach Elopement *

Forest, Ocean, And A Beautiful Beach Elopement *

If you’re trying to decide between a forest, ocean, or beach elopement you should pick all three just like this couple. Chris and David wanted an adventurous elopement that was made up of special moments and stunning scenery. Making Big Sur, California the perfect “I do” location—a picture-perfect backdrop without distracting from the main event, their love. 

Photographer Heather K Purdy captured every powerful moment, from exchanging “I do’s” amongst the rugged California coastline to celebrating with a champagne shower on the beach. Though these moments took center stage, they still used fashion and soft floral boutonnieres by Cassia Foret as a way to add personality in a subtle and show-stopping way. 

If you’re searching for simple personality-filled elopement inspiration, look no further. This jaw-dropping beach elopement is the perfect place to start pulling your inspiration from. 

The Couple:

Chris and David

The Wedding:

Big Sur, California

The Power Of Eloping 

We wanted to make sure that we made it about David and I. We ended up choosing to elope because our wedding planning was becoming about everyone else. We wanted to prioritize our love and we wouldn’t change a thing. 

Little Moments That Made For A Memorable Beach Elopement 

One of the most memorable moments was walking along the beach and spotting a random butterfly made of shells. David and I both have very important late relatives whom we associate with butterflies. It was very special and neither of us said a word when we came across it; we just looked at one another and knew.


Plans Changed Due To COVID

We were supposed to get married in Amsterdam spring of 2020. We had to cancel all of our plans due to the pandemic and decided to just wait till things felt right. We had always wanted to drive the Pacific Coastal Highway in California and Big Sur has always seemed like a dream. It all just fell into place and was more amazing than we could ever have imagined.

Working With Heather K Purdy 

Heather K Purdy is incredible. We actually met the day before our wedding and she invited us to lunch the day after. So, we basically saw her everyday that we were in Big Sur and still keep in touch. I’m a photographer myself, and working with Heather could not have been more amazing. I released all control and she made our moments even more memorable.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Heather K Purdy
Floral Design – Cassia Foret


Congratulations to Chris and David on their simple Big Sur beach elopement. And big thanks to photographer Heather K Purdy for preserving these precious, intimate moments that adventurous wedding planning couples can draw elopement inspiration from. 

We’re here to remind you that choosing an elopement-styled ceremony doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a beautiful wedding day. There are endless ways to incorporate your personality like Chris and David. After finalizing a budget and selecting a destination, find a wedding photographer you can trust to capture your love story. 

Non-Traditionally Tropical Puerto Viejo Elopement *

Non-Traditionally Tropical Puerto Viejo Elopement *

A wedding that doubles as a getaway—we’re sold. This playful Puerto Viejo elopement will inspire couples everywhere to exchange the traditional wedding ceremony for an adventurous destination celebration. From the secluded beachfront ceremony to the reception spent snorkeling, every detail made for an incredible vacation and an even better nuptial. 

Planner One Heart Event Planning and a talented team of vendors created this magical inspiration on the stunning Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel property. To enhance the existing lush greenery and ocean views, tropical floral arrangements by D’Bambu Eventos y Decoración were the perfect addition. With an eye-catching ceremony backdrop and a natural palm leaf aisle, florals truly were the main event. 

If you’re in search of unique ways to take your destination wedding to the next level, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to be fully transported into a tropical oasis with these images captured by Junebug member Raw Shoots Photography

Photographer’s Thoughts On This Puerto Viejo Elopement

Through our Caribbean Sunrise styled shoot, we wanted to showcase the experience of traveling and getting eloped in Puerto Viejo—a slice of real paradise and ironically one of the most underrated towns for weddings. Our planning team wanted to preserve the essence of the Caribbean beach town. We had a natural palm leaf aisle, a non-traditional tropical color palette, and lots of tropical greens.



The Wedding Team:

Photography – Raw Shoots Photography
Event Planning – One Heart Event Planning
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel
Floral Design – D’Bambu Eventos y Decoración
Cake – Anny Calvo
Videography – Bacalao Films
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Luis González
Wedding Gown – Elky Suarez
Suit – Sastrería Arece
Bridal Headpiece – Madre Perla
Earrings – Loropetalo
Bridal Beachware + Robe – Maracoa Beachwear
Beach Sandals – Amalfi
Groom’s Beachwear – Samoa Boutique
Rentals – Elegante Frenesí


After catching one glimpse of this tropical Puerto Viejo elopement—captured by Junebug member Raw Shoots Photography—you’re probably feeling inspired to exchange “I do’s” far from home. And we don’t blame you. 


A Cuban-American Moonrise Kingdom-themed retro wedding *

A Cuban-American Moonrise Kingdom-themed retro wedding *

Photos by Ryan Arnst

Offbeat partners: Krystal & Ian

Date and location of wedding: Curtiss Mansion in Miami Springs, FL — 02/02/2020

Our offbeat wedding at a glance: Our wedding was a Moonrise Kingdom-themed epic night in which we celebrated everything and everyone we love. Ian and I became friends when we were 12 years old and many years later, decided to give dating a shot (best decision ever!). One of our favorite movies, Moonrise Kingdom, seemed like the perfect choice for our wedding theme.

He’s my absolute best friend and even though we are much older than 12 now, we are still very much kids at heart (I’m obsessed with Wes Anderson). I also LOVE vintage with a passion and when I’m not acting or writing songs, I’m dressing in vintage and recreating my favorite film shots on IG!

I incorporated vintage items since Moonrise takes place during my favorite era: the 60s! I had vintage luggage and camping gear at every table, a vintage dress and veil, and even an epic 60s vintage reception jumpsuit (comfort is everything)!

Ian and I were both born in Miami. My family is from Cuba and Ian is half Cuban and half American. We did a special Cuban Cafecito with Tata (my grandmother) ceremony as our “Unity Ceremony”… more about that later!

One of our best friends, Tim (who I started a theatre company with) officiated, and my friend Jeanine sang… while My Tio (who brought music into my life) and his daughter played Sea of Love as our entrance song.

One of the most magical moments was walking out of our ceremony to the main Moonrise Kingdom theme song while giant, handmade, colorful pom-poms (in place of a rice toss) soared into the air as the sunset!

Tell us about the ceremony:
My first love was music, so my greatest music teacher, my Tio, played Sea Of Love along with my little cousin Sarah and friend Jeanine as we walked down the aisle. We arranged our own flowers in the color palette: pink roses, Crespidias, Tulips, and tiny baby pineapples! Keeping the Child-like theme, my bridesmaids had little baskets with rose petals. They tossed them as they walked, so they could be flower girls along with THE flower girl, our hilariously cute niece Ellie.

Tim, one of our best friends, officiated. (Script attached below). We let him take the lead and just asked him not to say “You may now kiss the bride” at the end, as it didn’t feel right for us. He was incredible. Readings: Since I love Mr Rogers, My Tia read The lyrics to Mr. Roger’s “It’s you I like”. Ian and I love sci-fi but Ian’s favorite is Star Trek, so his father read a beautiful TNG quote.

Favorite moment: The Unity Ceremony. I chose to create my own and honor my Cuban heritage and culture. Tata, My grandmother and matriarch of our family, made us cafecito. She poured it for us in the vintage cups that she’s had since she came to this country and gave it to us “Para hacer la vida más dulce.” To make life sweeter. I had lived with her and my mother my whole life. I didn’t know I wouldn’t be able to see her for nearly a year after that due to the pandemic. The Cafecito and the moment were delicious and bittersweet.

Can we talk about the wedding pompoms?

With the occasional help from loved ones poking fun at me but happy to help, I handmade 600 giant yarn pompoms in our color scheme for the sole purpose of them being thrown at us after our ceremony.

I put 4 or so in canvas pouches with a logo my talented graphic designer friend Kim Daley designed for us (Of course, with a Wes Anderson quote). “Songs From Friday Afternoons, Op. 7: “Cuckoo!”” from the Moonrise Kingdom soundtrack played and ALL OF OUR LOVED ONES THREW POM POMS AS THE SUNSET! Magic. Pure magic.

After the wedding, I repurposed the wedding day pompoms as pompom wreathes! I gave one to Ian’s family, one to mine, and one for us!

Excerpt from Tim’s Script:

In the critically acclaimed and audience beloved 2012 Wes Anderson film, “Moonrise Kingdom” the 12yo lead characters, Suzy and Sam, share a scene on the beach that I think will help guide us today. Sam asks Suzy: So, what do you want to be when you grow up? Suzy replies: i don’t know…I want to go on adventures I think…not get stuck in one place. How about you? “Go on adventures too, not get stuck too.”We have gathered here today to celebrate the union of Krystal Valdes and Ian Moore. Marriage is miraculous and challenging and inspiring and beautiful and today we get to celebrate Ian and Krystal’s embarking on this new adventure together. Marriage is an adventure, but not just one where you travel the world and visit new places and try new things and meet new people and find a passion and change the word together. It’s also an adventure into intimacy and honesty. The scene goes on and Sam confesses Suzy “It’s possible I may wet the bed, by the way, later I mean.” “Ok.” “I wish i didn’t have to mention it, but just in case i don’t want to make you be offended.” “Of course I won’t.” Is there anything we humans crave more than having someone look us in the eyes and say “I accept you.” And not just when we’re crushing it in life or when we’re looking really great or succeeding in all the different ways we are societally pressured to measure success. But when we’re at our worst. When we’ve shared that dark secret or deep regret. When we wet the bed. The “I accept you” on the back end of those moments is what love is. It’s what marriage is about. It’s the for better or worse, sickness and health, richer and poorer..What today means. This ceremony. Your vows. The rings. All the things…Is that you commit to the “i love you and the i love you too” when you disagree, when you hurt each other, when you’re confronted with your own selfishness because of each other. You commit to helping each other become better versions of yourself. You commit to saying “i accept you”, even under the most challenging times. I asked Krystal and Ian what the best adventure they’ve been on together. Both said: Europe. Walked to Stonehenge from the cottage they were staying at. Had to walk through a bunch of farms. Ian insisted they go the wrong way. They ended up on a highway and a 3k walk became a 7 mile hike. Once they got to stone henge it started raining so they had to sneak onto a tour buss to avoid the rain and make it back to their cottage. The best adventures are the ones when you’re with someone you love and everything goes wrong.

Tell us about the reception:

At the reception, we all walked out to “Wouldn’t it be nice” by The Beach Boys! We had disposable film cameras at every table which looked like vintage 60s, Moonrise Kingdom era Brownie cameras with a life aquatic quote in the back. Two words: amazing candids! It was so fun to see our wedding reception fiesta through the perspective of the people at each individual table.

We found all sorts of pictures from nice family photos and pictures of kids dancing to my grandmother breaking it down and some of our friends literally making toilet paper hats in the bathroom.

We had classic Wes Anderson character hats such as red beanies for The Life Aquatic and, of course, the Sam ad Suzie hats from Moonrise Kingdom that floated around the party as we danced all night. I chose not to do a bouquet/garter toss, as the concept seemed a little problematic too me and, instead, replaced the time slot with strictly my absolute favorite Cuban songs. It was lovely to see so many different people dance to them.

For our first dance, we used The Moon Song from the film “Her” because it was one of the first things we bonded over when we first started dating. As the Bride and father dance, we danced to OUR ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SONG: What’s up by 4 Non Blondes and although it initially started as a sensible dance, it resulted in an epic latino karaoke rendition of the tune with everyone giggling and belting their hearts out! Later into the night, I changed into a vintage 60s jumpsuit and sneakers!

What was the most important lesson you learned from your wedding?
The most important lesson I learned: The trick to making the process easier is prioritizing pure joy over flashy expensive stuff that stresses you out at the end of the day. From a family of immigrants, I couldn’t afford to have a giant flashy wedding. I had to sit and prioritize. Is it more important to have 10 more loved ones attend or to have the light pink table napkins? Is it more important to have a venue that means a lot to us because of where we met, a DJ friend that we love, and more time to celebrate together or 5 food options for everyone and ridiculously expensive tables that look nice but are only enjoyed for 3 hours?

The limitations of the budget forced me to think creatively, which, as an actor and musician, is one of my favorite things to do! My loved ones make me happy. Music makes me happy. Wes Anderson makes me happy. So those are the “themes” I leaned into and prioritized as I planned. Soon enough, I found myself happily making giant colorful pompoms everywhere I went!

Also, having our rehearsal dinner at our favorite local diner, owned by the people that own our first date spot! and focussing on music selections, readings, and ceremonies that made me smile! Having a housewarming party as our afterparty! and in a soft panic, trying to hilariously learn the art of arranging flowers with my girls! After our wedding, we immediately went into the pandemic and I’m so grateful that we had a modest budget with clear priorities and goals. It was pure happiness.


Photographer: @ryanarnst
Dress, veil, table decorations, ceremony decorations: Vintage, thrifted.
Wedding dress ceremony topper: Anthropologie, thrifted on Poshmark
Afterparty 60s jumper : @sweetcarolinesvintage
Shoes: Unique Vintage
Flowers: Purchased wholesale, DIY arrangements.
Venue: @curtissmansion
DJ: @uplightmiami
Caterer: Maggie from
Pom-pom supplies, along with most other craft supplies needed: Michaels


Click to view slideshow.

Jaw-Dropping Colorado Mountain Top Wedding *

Jaw-Dropping Colorado Mountain Top Wedding *

When two nature lovers tie the knot, you know the day is going to be full of incredible views and outdoor activities. Jessica and Jeff’s Colorado mountain top wedding was that and then some. After falling in love with Telluride, the two knew they wanted to have a nontraditional summer camp style affair that celebrated their love for one another and the centennial state.

After welcoming 90 of their closest friends and family members at a cowboy-themed welcome party–complete with a saloon and cowboy hats–the pair said “I do” in a colorful and chic ceremony. With the help of planner and Junebug member K2 Event Co and florist Remi & Gold, the ski resort was transformed into a floral wonderland. The location was perfect for the summer.

As if that wasn’t enough, their reception was complete with a barn, dancing under the night sky, hot chocolate chip cookies instead of a wedding cake, and a mini firework exit. We’re so thankful that Jason & Daris were there to capture every whimsical detail. Get those Pinterest boards ready because you are not going to want to forget this one.

The Couple:

Jessica and Jeff

The Wedding:

Telluride Ski Resort, Telluride, Colorado

Three Different Bridal Looks

I wore a bohemian bridal look for the cowboy-themed welcome party. I took inspiration from a western bridal photoshoot created by Quigley Goode of ‘Officially Quigley’. I fashioned my mother’s 39-year-old wedding dress and turned it into the coolest fitted jumpsuit for our rehearsal dinner. It was so special to wear part of my mom’s gown! And my wedding dress was the most fun, incredible dress I have ever worn. It is a modern Berta gown custom-made in Israel. It had a nine month production time and when I received it I still loved it every bit as much as when I first ordered it.

A Three Day Wedding Celebration

We wanted our wedding to feel like a retreat for our guests–three days of activities so that we had plenty of quality time with everyone, plus themed events to help everyone totally let loose and engage with each other. We also had all of our guests stay in the same hotel so that we could have breakfast together to enjoy each other’s company every moment. It truly felt like a beautiful, playful, all-planned-out summer camp!

An Unexpected Health Scare Before The Big Day

My dad was unexpectedly in the hospital one week before the wedding–across the country, too. It looked like he might not be able to make it to the wedding in person, which would have been heartbreaking. Family members were trying to console me with the idea of doing a second ceremony later with him rather than postponing. I just couldn’t imagine not having him there, so it was extra special to walk down the aisle beside him after that health scare.

A Cowboy Themed Welcome Party & Elegant Wedding

Telluride has a great western and cowboy energy so we chose to capitalize on that with an authentic cowboy chic welcome party at the Last Dollar Saloon. With the photobooth, cowboy hats, bolo ties, saloon-style bar, and my bohemian bridal look, our dream was achieved. For the wedding day, the vibe was much different–with the most delicate and whimsical florals sprinkled in front of the grand, breathtaking mountain views. We had all of the guests ride the ski gondola up to our mountain-top ceremony. Jeff and I love to ski together and I always wanted to have our guests ride up in the gondola for our ceremony. To me, there is no view more spiritual than the mountains. It was just breathtaking!


Skipping Traditions At The Mountain Top Wedding

I am proud that Jeff and I did not spend any time on traditional things that we felt were unnecessary for us. We did warm chocolate chip cookies instead of a cake, so we didn’t need to take time to make a production of cutting the cake. We didn’t do any floral on the tables, wedding favors, or an awkward garter-belt event. We each picked our ‘splurge’ items with our wedding budget in mind and then tried to keep everything else minimal.


The Wedding Team:

Photography – Jason & Daris
Event Planning – K2 Event Co
Ceremony Venue – Telluride Ski Resort
Floral Design – Remi & Gold
Live Music – Moments Notice Band
Invitation Design – Paper Daisies Stationery
Wedding Dress – Berta
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Jenny Yoo


Congratulations again to Jessica and Jeff on their Colorado mountain top wedding! We’re so thankful that Junebug member K2 Event Co helped the newlyweds plan their special day. And a big thank you to Jason & Daris for capturing every well-executed detail

Fabulously Chic Pontchartrain Hotel Wedding *

Fabulously Chic Pontchartrain Hotel Wedding *

With winter only a couple of months away, we’re excitedly waiting for the days of cold weather and holiday celebrations. That’s why we’re soaking in winter wedding inspiration like this in the meantime. Celeste and Andy’s Pontchartrain Hotel wedding in New Orleans is the perfect example of adding cozy winter additions to your special days without being over-the-top.

Celeste–who did most of the planning herself–made sure their chic “I do’s” were complete with a traditional church ceremony, a Victorian-inspired reception, a wedding cake made for royalty, and a streamer-filled exit. Not to mention she designed their wedding crest, which she had added to her custom wedding gown

We’re so thankful that Junebug members and photographers Erin & Geoffrey were there to capture every elegant detail. So keep scrolling if you’re looking for subtle winter inspiration because this one is the epitome of timeless.

The Couple:

Celeste and Andy

The Wedding:

Pontchartrain Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana









The Wedding Team:

Photography – Erin & Geoffrey


Congratulations again to Celeste and Andy on their Pontchartrain Hotel wedding! And thank you to Junebug members Erin & Geoffrey for capturing and sharing their day with us. To see more of their beautiful photography, be sure to check out their profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the globe!

Lavish Marigny Opera House Wedding *

Lavish Marigny Opera House Wedding *

Having a wedding on New Year’s Eve definitely calls for watching the ball drop and throwing a lavish party. Chelsea and Ross envisioned a Gatsby-style New Years’ Eve extravaganza to celebrate their nuptials and ring in the new year, so they did just that. Wedding planner Nouvelle Fete Celebrations brought the glam of the roaring 20s to their Marigny Opera House wedding. 

With vintage details like the bride’s dress, faux fur shawls, and a champagne tower, it feels like we stepped straight into F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book. To personalize their Gatsby wedding, they had an interfaith marriage ceremony that included a gospel choir singing, a rose-drenched chuppah, and the breaking of the glass. Thankfully, Junebug members Erin & Geoffrey captured every inch of this wedding to share. 

The Couple:

Chelsea and Ross

The Wedding:

Marigny Opera House, New Orleans, Louisiana

An Interfaith Marriage Ceremony

​​We are most proud of the ceremony. Ours was an interfaith marriage honoring the traditions of both the Christian and Jewish faiths. My father was the officiant, which made it very meaningful for us. The ceremony was a wonderful expression of the mutual respect Ross and I have for each others’ faith, too.

A Memorable Marigny Opera House Wedding

Our wedding was filled with so many special moments that will forever be engraved in our hearts. One that is unforgettable was standing under the chuppah, hand in hand with my future husband, while my father pronounced us husband and wife. The Voices of Greatness Gospel Choir performed “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” while friends and family stood in celebration of that special moment.

Entering A Dazzling Celebration

Another memory that’ll always bring a smile to our faces was the “Second Line.” The band, Kinfolk, led the entire wedding party along with over 200 guests through the streets of the Marigny neighborhood. Upon reentering the Opera House, guests were enthralled by the venue transformation and welcomed to a dazzling New Years’ Eve celebration.



Wedding Planning Advice: Get A Planner

A wedding planner is essential! Finding your perfect wedding planner is a crucial decision as you’ll be working very closely together throughout the entire wedding planning period. Meet with your wedding planner early and often. Ours, Dustin Castrinos from Nouvelle Fete Celebrations, not only helped us realize my dreams of a Gatsby New Years’ Eve extravaganza, but also helped us create an appropriate budget for the event. His advice allowed us to secure our bands, caterers, florist, and a host of other vendors who would have certainly been booked had we delayed those decisions.

Old Hollywood Wedding Day Fashion

The wedding day fashion of the wedding party was a reflection of our theme. The men in our wedding partywore Calvin Klein Tuxedos with classic bowties while the bridesmaids were fashionably attired in gold lamé dresses with Old Hollywood hairstyles. The groom wore a custom tuxedo by Bill Walker Clothier. My bridal gown was designed by Lazaro. I continued to mirror the Gatsby era style of the evening in both hair and makeup thanks to the wonderful ladies at Faces of Virtue.


Having a Gatsby Style Wedding

Our wedding theme arose from my personality. I had an early vision of a Gatsby-style New Years’ Eve celebration. Each and every vendor played a crucial role in making this dream come true. The vision was evident in every aspect of our wedding—a true Gatsby vibe!

The Wedding Team:

Photography + Videography – Erin & Geoffrey
Event Planning – Nouvelle Fete Celebrations
Ceremony Venue – Marigny Opera House
Getting Ready Venue – Hotel Peter and Paul
Floral Design – Paradise Florist
Catering – Messinas Catering
Cake – Bywater Bakery
Live Music – Phunky Monkeys, The Voices of Greatness Gospel Choir, and Kinfolk
Invitation Design – Shop Aurea
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Faces of Virtue
Wedding Dress – Lazaro
Groom’s Apparel – Bill Walker Clothier
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Betsy & Adam
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Calvin Klein
Rings – David Yurman and Simon G
Transportation – Trinity Trolley


Congratulations to Chelsea and Ross on their lavish Marigny Opera House Wedding. Big thank you to Junebug members Erin & Geoffrey for capturing and sharing this day with us. To see more of their work, check out their profile in our directory of photographers from around the world