6 Ways to Beat the Heat at a Summer Wedding

Summer is the season for some of my favorite weddings – there’s not a cloud in the sky and guests seem to let loose just a little bit more, taking that extra vacation time to celebrate at weddings full of color and cool summertime ideas.

How do you beat the heat at a summer wedding?

I’ve got some easy tips to staying cool while celebrating!

1. Accessorize Your Look: 

Parasols are picture-perfect. Capes, boleros and wraps make great accessories for colder nights so you can dress for the heat by day. And royal wedding-style hats can keep you cool in an outdoor ceremony while looking more fashionable than functional.

2. Serve Up Refreshments at a Pre-Ceremony Station: 

A water station positioned near the entrance of your ceremony is a great way to welcome guests and keep them cool and comfortable. Regardless, it’s a great idea in general to hydrate your loved ones before the long night ahead and the cocktails to come.

3. Décor Designed to Stop the Sun: 

Swaging, tenting and other overhead décor can certainly upgrade your event design while helping you and your guests beat the heat too.

4. Consider the Sun for the Ceremony: 

If the men in your wedding party plan to wear suits or tuxedos and you prefer they be more comfortable, consider designing your ceremony site in the shade. Chart the sun’s location at the time of your ceremony and consider alternate sites at your venue or even just slightly re-positioning the setup to stop the sun from beating directly down.

5. Plan the Menu Accordingly: 

Cocktails adorned with popsicles, summertime favorites like snow cones and other chilly treats embrace the summer season while keeping everyone cool at the same time.

6. Ceremony Programs with Dual Purpose: 

You can never go wrong with a fan to cool down with. Give your guests gifts for the outdoors in the form of programs shaped like fans, parasols, or even favors designed to keep them cool throughout the day and night.

As you plan for your big day, don’t forget to beat the heat at a summer wedding and everyone in attendance will thank you for it!


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