5 Things To Say Yes To During Wedding Planning

We have previously discussed 5 things that you shouldn’t say no to when planning your wedding. We will be discussing some opportunities that you should not miss if they present themselves. It can be difficult to plan your wedding. You will need to organize, pack, arrange, and send invitations for all your family members, friends, and relatives. You can add to that the anxiety and worry of wedding planning. What are some things you should say “yes” during this stage of your life?


1. We offer assistance

Arranging cars for guests can be a real pain. You don’t have enough money to transport them, or keep them safe in case of an emergency. If someone offers their car/s to you for your wedding, just say yes without a second thought. You are doing them a huge favor as car rental services can be disappointing at the worst times. You also save money by not having to pay those extra bucks. You can pay your aunt or uncle the fuel price at the end.


2. Friends are Saviors

One of your friends is interested in photography and would be happy to cover your wedding. Bingo! Give your friend a bear hug. You know your friends are great! They will not only think of the best solution, but they will also be comfortable with you discussing the plans and giving endless trial.


3. SO Ready to Share the Bills

Get married to him/her immediately! It is a great idea to get married to someone who is willing and able to split the costs of your wedding. This means that the person does not want you to be stressed or overwhelmed by the wedding expenses, but wants you to have the best day possible. Lucky you!


4. With Registry Marriage, In-laws are OK

Before they say no, say ‘yes’. It might not be feasible for everyone to plan a grand social wedding in this highly competitive market. It is better to plan a simple registry wedding followed by a party. While more and more couples are opting registry-and-reception option over highly-expensive social marriage, it is just because of the “wishes” of the parents, couples are left with no other option.


5. As a Wedding Gift, Honeymoon Package

A honeymoon trip to South Asian countries can cost at least a few thousand dollars. If you really want to travel to Bora Bora and Switzerland, then you will need to either save a lot or make other arrangements. If your in-laws, or core friends, want to gift a honeymoon to your favorite destination, why wouldn’t you?



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