A dress shop worker’s tips, get a better wedding dress deal *

Photo by Megan Finley

Hi, Offbeat Brides. I’m a retail worker in the bridal industry in Australia, and I’m also a bride myself. Everyone wants a better deal on their dress, and for those of you shopping at brick and mortar dress shops, I wanted to offer some tips about how to talk to retail workers if you want to negotiate the price of your wedding dress down… from someone who works in the industry and knows.

Don’t tell my boss, but I want you to get a better deal!

How to get a better deal on your wedding dress

1) Definitely come in with a bright and friendly attitude

Dude, we work in retail, it can kill your spirit. A nice friendly attitude brought in at the door works wonders to endear yourself to your lowly bridal shop assistant.

2) Research is wonderful

Look at the store and their designers. Doing the prep-work on the web before you come in mean a lot less time spent browsing books and me lugging giant dresses off the shelf to show you that you just won’t like at all. (It can take a few dresses to get your groove)

3) Ask my opinions

I work with dresses and brides all day every day. Myself, if you ask me my thoughts on the fit of a dress, I will tell you my honest opinion. Why would I lie to you? The mirror won’t lie to you, so I won’t either.

4) Do the small talk thing

I see so many nipples daily, and small talk with the bride I’m seeing topless makes it easier for both of us to deal with the awkwardness. (I swear, strip club patrons should be jealous of the amount of nipples I see.)

5) I will give as much of wedding dress discount as I can… to people who are respectful and kind

I work with a lot of brides every day. I try give 100% to each of them, but I’m human and we all have off days. Be a happy and friendly customer and I will do my very mostest to get you the bestest deal!

6) and by far the most important: REMEMBER THAT I’M A PERSON!

I’m not scary. I won’t tear off the price tag and upgrade the price. I’m a kind-hearted person saving up for my own wedding. Treating me as an equal will go a long way when you ask if there are any special discounts or coupons available.


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