How to live stream your wedding on Zoom *

How to stream a wedding on Zoom
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Zoom has become synonymous with a post-COVID life for many of us, especially if we use Zoom at work. And it’s not just work: you might be having Zoom game nights, Zoom family hangouts, and Zoom meetings with your doctor, realtor, tax specialist, etc. It’s a Zoom-Zoom world.

 live chat, and extended stream times if you opt for the pro version. You can even use your smartphone to stream without any fancy tech setups.

Let’s talk about how to make a Zoom wedding work and what it takes to stream your wedding on Zoom.


Set up a Zoom account


Setup your free or pro Zoom account and log in to get started. Make sure you snag a smart phone with a good camera or a video camera with audio.


Create your wedding event


We’d recommend scheduling your Zoom wedding in advance by hitting the big blue Schedule button. You’ll see the options below:


How to stream a wedding on Zoom


Once you’ve selected your time and preferences, you can send the invite to your guests via email, Facebook Event, etc.

TIP: Your guests don’t need a Zoom account if they only want to attend and watch your event. Score! They can either click on the event link you send them or go to and enter in the meeting ID. Easy-peasy.


Choose your settings while live


On the day, make sure everything is up and running correctly ahead of time. Then designate someone to handle the live stream settings such as auto-muting your guests, disabling file sharing from anyone on the call, and handling any chat questions that come in.


How to stream a wedding on Zoom


You can even choose a fake virtual background if you want your wedding to look like it’s in Tuscany, New Zealand, on the deck of the Enterprise, or anywhere else you can imagine.


Go live and archive!


You’re all set to go live on Zoom once your wedding day arrives. If you opted to record the event and save it to your PC, that’ll make it easy to upload to YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere else you’d like to share the final version.


Hire a pro package if you’re intimidated


If this all sounds like a LOT, I get it. All of the streaming platforms come with a bit of a learning curve, though Zoom is a bit more user-friendly than some.

Thankfully, if you want to automate the process, you can hire a service like Wedfuly (one of a fair few that offers this!) that uses an existing platform (in this case, Zoom) to live stream your wedding while acting as tech support and concierge to your guests. The service starts at $800.


Tips for streaming your wedding on Zoom


  • Since this will be a live video ceremony, you’ll want to set everything up beforehand, preferably far ahead of time. Here are some Zoom streaming tips for your wedding:
  • Avoid copyrighted music. Either turn off the sound during those parts or choose some royalty-free music.
  • Get the camera framed around you and whoever you want seen. Make sure the lighting is good for the streaming time of the ceremony. Add some studio lights if the lighting isn’t ideal.
  • Check your audio. Run a soundcheck beforehand to make sure there aren’t any noises that could muffle your voices, like wind or construction.
  • Charge your batteries and phones, and make sure your internet is strong. Grab any wi-fi passwords for your location ahead of time.
  • Turn off any sleep functions on your computer or streaming device and any notifications or noises.



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