Romantic vintage wedding dresses perfect for a backyard microwedding *

If we know Offbeat Brides at all, we know that y’all adore all things vintage, and that’s especially vintage-styled wedding fashion. Combine all that with a (totally healthy!) love of all things 1920s, Downton Abbey, Edwardian, Flapper, Gatsby, Titanic, and Victorian … and we know that some of you are going to flip over the Nataya dresses from our sponsor, The Wardrobe Shop.

If you’re looking for a romantic vintage wedding dress that doesn’t feel too over-done for those backyard microweddings that many of us are planning, keep reading! We’re going to ogle all of the gorgeousness that is Nataya’s 1920s, ’30s and ’40s fashion, and peek at their new line, CocoBonaparte.

Some of y’all may remember The Wardrobe Shop — the place to find all the vintage-styles of your romantic vintage wedding dreams. We’ve written about them many times on Offbeat Bride many times over the years.

Well, Nataya is the line of dresses sold by The Wardrobe Shop, which is full of vintage-style clothes inspired by Titanic-era fashions, Downton Abbey, and Old Hollywood silent movie stars.

When you dream about your vintage-style dress, do you dream in color? With ruby reds, sage greens, dark blacks… Wardrobe Shop is your dream realized. OR maybe these dresses are perfect for the dress-wearing-folk in your wedding party.

With their sizes ranging from small to plus going up to 26, these finds are accessible for a range of bodies.

And now there’s their Nataya’s new CocoBonaparte line, which feels like it’s been inspired by timeless romance and designed perfect for intimate, small gatherings enveloped poetry where people come together to celebrate love and friendship.

In other words, these dresses are practically SCREAMING backyard wedding / afternoon tea-party.

Micro wedding vibes, anyone? For those of you planning a smaller, less formal wedding, these dresses give you a strong aesthetic with a gentler, less stuffy mood.

Oh, and wait… did we mention that they have vintage wedding SHOES, too? Cute Victorian booties, art deco flats, Gatsby-esque heels…. they’ve got ’em all.

It’s not just shoes… The Wardrobe Shop has all the romantic vintage wedding accessories you might need, like hats, jewelry, shawls, gloves, veils, purses, garters, and even parasols!

If you’re working with a tight budget (and aren’t we ALL, these days??) The Wardrobe Shop has a great clearance section, where you can find cheap romantic vintage wedding dresses — we’re talking under $200!


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