Lavish Backyard Wedding With Multiple Days of Events

Lavish Backyard Wedding With Multiple Days of Events

The pandemic pushed many couples to pivot and adjust their wedding plans–making room for smaller curated guest lists, creative and elegantly served meals, extravagant florals, and more. Couples are now also prioritizing their own outdoor spaces for the big day because it allows more intimate celebrations with fewer restrictions. For Steevie and Nabil, this gave them the freedom to rethink some traditions and focus on crafting an experience that’s reflective of who they are. This is what led to the two-day lavish backyard wedding they’ve always wanted.

The couple’s ceremony on the first day had many beautiful traditional details. Steevie looked radiant in her red and gold Lehenga which she paired with a gold jewelry set that her mother wore 35 years ago for her own wedding. Nabil donned an equally elegant blush Sherwani that complemented his bride’s traditional look. Bespoke Decor created a gorgeous mandap, beautiful bouquets, and aisle decor. The surrounding trees on the property served as the perfect backdrop for these glamorous outfits.

For their American reception, the couple looked timeless and chic–with Steevie in a gorgeous beaded gown and Nabil in a classic suit. The stylish boho glam aesthetic during the smaller, more relaxed party felt true to the couple’s style and personalities. The glistening canopy of lights over the head table completed the ultimate romantic and dreamy feel. Keep on scrolling to get inspired for your big day with these beautiful images by Shari and Mike.

The Couple:

Steevie and Nabil

The Wedding:

Langley, British Columbia, Canada

Planning A Lavish Backyard Wedding

I’ve always loved the intimacy of an outdoor wedding. We wanted to ensure our guests felt safe and had enough space to maintain distance from others, so the outdoor space made perfect sense for us. Usually, Indian weddings are quite extravagant and it’s easy to get lost in all the chaos during the week of events. The pandemic really made us see what and who was important for us, and we learned that less is more. I’m so happy we got to enjoy our special day without the mayhem as it really put things in perspective for us.

Embracing Culture And Tradition

I’ll never forget when I looked out the window and saw my husband arrive for the ceremony. We’re from different cultures and seeing him embrace mine with our traditional outfits was the best moment. He looked so adorable!

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Pandemic Wedding Planning Tips

Don’t plan anything too far in advance. Your ideas of style and decor might change as you get closer to the day. Just keep an open mind and always have a backup plan if things change quickly.

Working With Shari and Mike

Working with Shari and Mike was amazing! It was a long two days for our wedding and they were so much fun to hang out with. Photography was the most important for us because forty years later great photos will be all we have when we can’t remember anything else.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography – Shari and Mike
Catering – Savoury Chef Foods
Cake – The Cake And The Giraffe
DJ – Decibel Entertainment
Makeup Artist & Hair Styling – Blue Rose Artistry
Wedding Dress – Bisou Bridal
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – WellGroomed Designs Inc.
Groom’s Apparel – Nordstrom
Rings – Ernesto Rassi
Rentals – Bespoke Decor & Finesse Decor Company

Congratulations to Steevie and Nabil on their lavish backyard wedding! Shari and Mike exquisitely captured all the swoon-worthy details and memorable moments of their lavish two-day celebration.

Intimate backyard weddings like this one are here to stay. The pandemic has redefined weddings forever and changed our overall perspective on what’s really important. At the end of the day, what couples truly want remains the same—to celebrate with the people nearest and dearest to them. 


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Seriously Romantic Kelowna Cabin Elopement *

Seriously Romantic Kelowna Cabin Elopement *

From the clear, glassy lake to the tall pine trees, this romantic cabin elopement is not only stunning, but also sustainable. Sydney and Mark, and a few other couples, worked with pop-up elopement team Elope BC to split the cost and waste of a traditional wedding. However, the split didn’t take away their ability to personalize their day. To add that personal, sentimental touch to their sustainable elopement, Sydney and Mark included their children. On top of that, their 5 guests warmed the rings with their blessings and warm wishes. 

To further cut down on waste, the design of this elopement only used local and sustainable ingredients, including a foam-free floral design. If you’re looking for eco-friendly inspiration, keep scrolling to see this romantic cabin elopement captured by Junebug member Joelsview Photography. 

The Couple:

Sydney and Mark

The Wedding:

Kelowna, British Columbia

Eloping With Little Ones In Tow

We included our children that day. Our son was 18-months-old at the time and we were five months pregnant with our daughter. Pregnancy and toddlers created some unique challenges, but it was worth it to have the entire family included. We cherish those memories and photos.

A Memorable Morning  

The region of British Columbia we live in is known for wildfires and wildfire smoke. We were unfortunately surprised with very thick wildfire smoke the morning of our wedding. Of course, wildfire smoke is never a good thing, but it was definitely memorable. The smoke created a really unique and dreamy feeling both visually and spiritually. The photos especially reflect that moody, sultry vibe.

An Outdoor Romantic Cabin Elopement

We both grew up in heavily forested regions of British Columbia and spent a lot of time outside. It was only natural for us to be married outside. The mountains, lake, and trees created the perfect natural backdrop for us.

Personalizing Their Elopement

Our wedding was small with only five guests so we were able to easily include them in the ceremony. We did a ring warming. The rings were passed around in a box and each person held them for a few moments and silently warmed them with their blessings and well wishes.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Joelsview Photography
Event Planning – Dreamy Events
Floral Design – Minim Designs
Officiant – Sue Cairnie Ceremonies
Live Music – Dorian Goodwin
Rings – Brilliant Earth
Rentals – Perspective Events and Lake + Luna
Pop-up Elopements – Elope BC


Congratulations Sydney and Mark on their seriously romantic cabin elopement. Thank you to Junebug member Joelsview Photography for capturing and sharing this day with us. Check out his profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world. Then, check out these sustainable wedding brands to help you plan an eco-friendly ceremony.


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Uniquely Dark Modern Wedding Filled With Lush Greenery *

Uniquely Dark Modern Wedding Filled With Lush Greenery *

If you’ve always wanted a tropical wedding but don’t want to travel, then you’re going to love Keira and Raymond’s dark modern wedding filled with lush greenery. With the help of Alicia Keats Wedding & Events, the couple turned the ballroom of the Fairmont Pacific Rim into a Hawaiian-themed celebration full of monsteras, palms, and brightly colored florals arranged by Flowerz. And when we say full of plants, we mean it. We’re talking two floor-to-ceiling flower walls and giant centerpieces!

The decor didn’t stop there, though. The moody ballroom also featured a custom-made neon sign backdrop, gold accents that perfectly accentuated the emerald green color palette, a monstera-printed dance floor, and a funfetti cake inspired by Milk Bar

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some packing to do. Trust us, one look at these photos from Junebug member Meghan Hemstra will have everyone booking a one-way ticket to paradise. See you there!

The Couple:

Kiera and Raymond

The Wedding:

Fairmont Pacific Rim, Vancouver, British Columbia

Dark Modern Wedding Vibes

I wasn’t the kind of girl who had been planning her wedding for her whole life and didn’t like the idea of being the center of attention the entire day, so I struggled to find inspiration that didn’t feel cliche. It was actually my husband’s idea to go with a more tropical theme, and we ran with that to create something that felt like it was dark and moody. We were really inspired by our trip to Singapore and incorporated those vibes as much as possible. Everything else was about having a cool party that also happened to be our wedding.

A Ceremony Written By The Bride

We struggled with the ceremony because it focused on us, and we aren’t super sentimental or emotional people. I write for a living, so I ended up working pretty closely with our officiant to come up with words that made sense to us. We kept it short and sweet—under 15 minutes. I also came in through a hidden entrance to buy myself a few extra seconds of people not having their eyes on me.

Wedding Planning Advice From The Bride

I didn’t really want a big wedding and ended up having to compromise. But I was still able to really enjoy it by focusing on the important things, like making it fun and comfortable and not too stuffy, having great flowers and decor, and having a great photographer. Our venue and seated dinner were very fancy and elevated, so we added some casual elements like french fry and chow mein bars, a candy table, and–my favorite–a confetti wedding cake. I think the big takeaway is, you might not get to have everything you want to have, but pick a few things you care about and enjoy those aspects. This goes for your wedding budget too!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Meghan Hemstra
Event Planning – Alicia Keats Wedding & Events
Venue & Catering – Fairmont Pacific Rim
Floral Design – Flowerz
Officiant – Young, Hip & Married
DJ – Aimee Hawker
Live Music – Soundstripe Music
Invitation Design – Mary Clare Wilkie
Makeup Artist & Hair Styling – The Glamoury
Wedding Dress – One Day Bridal
Bridal Accessories – Poppy Finch
Groom’s Apparel – Giorgio Armani
Rentals – Koncept Events
Favors – Beta 5 Chocolate

Congratulations again to Kiera and Raymond on their dark modern wedding! We’re so thankful that Junebug member Meghan Hemstra Photography was there to capture every unique detail of the day. To see more of Meghan’s work, check out her profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world!


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Dazzling Multicultural Western And Sikh Wedding Celebration *

Dazzling Multicultural Western And Sikh Wedding Celebration *

Combining two cultures for a celebration of love is both memorable and beautiful. With the help of Bliss Whistler, Abigail and Jason celebrated their love and incorporated their two heritages in a spectacular three-day celebration. Their multicultural celebration featured a traditional Sikh wedding and a Western ceremony. From a stunning red and gold Lehenga to a chic and elegant white bridal dress, these wedding ceremonies oozed love, tradition, and sentimentality. 

We’re so thrilled that Junebug member Nomad by NK captured every inch of these ceremonies—including a surprise Indian dance by the wedding party. Grab some bubbly and let’s head to Whistler for this Western and Sikh wedding celebration.

The Couple:

Abigail and Jason

The Wedding:

Whistler, British Columbia

The Most Memorable Moment In Three Days

The whole weekend was truly the best three days of our lives, but the moment I walked down the aisle and saw Jason’s face at the end—and all of our smiling friends and family—was a pretty amazing moment.

Wedding Advice for Nearlyweds

Don’t worry about what anyone else thinks your wedding should be. Do what feels right for you! We had a lot of decisions to make that were out of the norm as we were blending two totally different cultures. We did what felt right to us and everyone was so happy in the end.

Western and Sikh Wedding Celebration in Whistler

Whistler has been such a big part of our relationship. We spend all of our winter weekends at our family home there. As soon as we got engaged, we wanted to get married in the area. We wanted to be in Whistler but find a venue that would accommodate all of our guests, have delicious food, and have beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces.

Handwritten Vows 

For our Western ceremony, we wrote our own vows and shared them in front of all our friends and family. This was so special to both of us and made our ceremony so unique and perfect.

Multicultural Bridal Fashion

For the Sikh ceremony, Sunny’s Bridal worked with me to create my vision. I knew I wanted to be in a bright color, but I wanted the rest of my wedding party in more neutral and classic colors. For the Western wedding, I wanted simple and elegant. Jane Rhyan created a two-tier veil for me and I customized it by adding the lace from my mom’s wedding dress to the train of my long veil. It was so special to my mom and me, and I hope one day I can have a daughter to pass down the veil to.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Nomad by NK
Event Planning & Floral Design – Bliss Whistler
Venue – Brew Creek Center
Champagne Tower – Lavish Liquid
Western Wedding Officiant – The Whistler Wedding Pastor
DJ – Air Wave Music
Live Music – Chris Sol
Videography – Nic Collar Film
Invitation Design – The Ephemerie
Makeup Artist & Hair Styling – Save the Date Beauty
Wedding Design & Decor – The Reverie Co.
Western Wedding Dress – Rituals of Love
Sikh Wedding Dress – Sunny’s Bridal
Henna Artist – Iti Kalsi
Groomsmen’s Apparel – Indochino
Rings – Vancouver Diamonds

Congratulations to Abigail and Jason on your multicultural wedding celebration! Big thank you to Nomad by NK for capturing the beauty of the two ceremonies, and for sharing it with us. To see more of Kerstin and Natalie’s work, check out their profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world.


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This Whimsical UBC Botanical Garden Wedding is for You *

This Whimsical UBC Botanical Garden Wedding is for You *

What happens when two graphic and type designers come together? A gorgeous wedding with a wonderful blend of texture, color, and detail. Heather and Riley’s perfectly whimsical UBC Botanical Garden Weddings showcases how the smallest details can make the biggest impression. With the help of wedding planner Kreative Operations, this couple’s wedding will be on everyone’s Pinterest boards.

From tons of bright colored balloons to the cute signage we love to small antique touches, we felt like we were walking into a storybook. Take a look at the photos taken by Danaea and Silas Godard to see why we are swooning!

The Couple:

Heather and Riley

The Wedding:

UBC Botanical Garden, Vancouver, British Columbia

Why a UBC Botanical Garden Wedding?

I saw a photo of another wedding in the arbor a few weeks after we got engaged. After considering many other options and plans, I came across the venue again and knew nothing else would top it.

Designer Eyes, Colorful DIYs, and Wedding Favors

The biggest DIY projects were our wedding invitations and signage. We’re both graphic designers and type designers, so Riley made a custom typeface for the wedding and I handled the design. He also hand-lettered every guest’s name on a plexiglass tile for place settings, and a lot of our guests took theirs home at the end of the night!

The Amazing Wedding Cake

The other big DIY project was the cake itself. I love to bake as a hobby and really wanted to make my own wedding cake. Frankly, I’m amazed I pulled it off!

Wedding Day Advice From The Bride

We approached planning the wedding with a strongly do-it-yourself mindset, but I don’t know how it would have happened without our amazing day-of coordinators. The day-of coordinators were the best money we ever spent!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Danaea Godard
Event Planning – Kreative Operations
Venue – UBC Botanical Garden
Floral Design – The Wild Bunch
Catering – Memphis Blues BBQ
Invitation Design – Heather Cran
Wedding Dress – Truvelle
Rentals – Bespoke Decor
Custom Typeface and Signage – Lost Type Co-Op
Balloons – Frankie and Co

Congratulations again to Heather and Riley on their UBC Botanical Garden wedding! Thank you to Junebug members Danaea and Silas Godard for capturing this gorgeous duo and for sharing it with us. Ready to get started planning your own colorful wedding? First, you’ll need the perfect palette. We’ve got you covered.


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