Moody and Romantic Willow Inn Elopement *

Moody and Romantic Willow Inn Elopement *

Moody and Romantic Willow Inn Elopement

We give you full permission to ditch the bright, summer color palette if that’s not calling to you. Instead, you can opt for a gorgeously dark, moody, and romantic vibe like Giacomo and Domenico. Wedding planner Chic et Champagnepartnered with a talented team of wedding vendors to create this English pub inspired elopement in Hudson, Quebec. From the burgundy velvet suits to the warm, jewel toned color palette, every element of this Willow Innelopement radiates unconventionality

With an English cottage vibe and jaw-dropping lake and mountain views, Willow Inn proves to be a dreamy venue for any wedding style and size. The secluded, waterfront ceremony location was a historic residential property that has since been transformed into a stunning event space. To preserve the venue’s natural beauty, Chic et Champagne complemented the historic charm with dark and elaborate floral arrangements. 

Photographer and Junebug member Julia Garcia-Prat Photography captured every detail that made this Canadian elopement one for the books. If you’re searching for ways to twist traditional wedding elements and make them their own, you’ve come to the right place. Get your Pinterest boards ready and start scrolling for inspiration that’s sure to make your celebration unlike any other

More From Julia Garcia-Prat On This Willow Inn Elopement

Giacomo and Domenico are two lovers who had planned their wedding and in the whirlwind of the pandemic had to postpone it. But nothing stops love. In a setting straight out of an english pub—at the Willow Inn in Hudson, Quebec—they exchanged their vows. A sweet intimate moment that was enhanced by incorporating an abundance of velvet accents, moody-jewel toned colors, and lush floral arrangements.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Julia Garcia-Prat
Event Planning Florals  – Chic et Champagne
Ceremony Venue – Willow Inn
Cake – Bayard Gateaux
Invitation Design – Charlotte & Cie
Groom’s Apparel – Blandin & Delloye
Rentals – Tenue de Soirée


Congratulations to Giacomo and Domenico on their Willow Inn elopement. And big thanks to photographer and Junebug member Julia Garcia-Prat Photography for preserving this detail-oriented celebration. A celebration that’ll be used as inspiration by adventurous couples yearning for a moody, warm, and fully personalized nuptial


Seriously Romantic Kelowna Cabin Elopement *

Seriously Romantic Kelowna Cabin Elopement *

From the clear, glassy lake to the tall pine trees, this romantic cabin elopement is not only stunning, but also sustainable. Sydney and Mark, and a few other couples, worked with pop-up elopement team Elope BC to split the cost and waste of a traditional wedding. However, the split didn’t take away their ability to personalize their day. To add that personal, sentimental touch to their sustainable elopement, Sydney and Mark included their children. On top of that, their 5 guests warmed the rings with their blessings and warm wishes. 

To further cut down on waste, the design of this elopement only used local and sustainable ingredients, including a foam-free floral design. If you’re looking for eco-friendly inspiration, keep scrolling to see this romantic cabin elopement captured by Junebug member Joelsview Photography. 

The Couple:

Sydney and Mark

The Wedding:

Kelowna, British Columbia

Eloping With Little Ones In Tow

We included our children that day. Our son was 18-months-old at the time and we were five months pregnant with our daughter. Pregnancy and toddlers created some unique challenges, but it was worth it to have the entire family included. We cherish those memories and photos.

A Memorable Morning  

The region of British Columbia we live in is known for wildfires and wildfire smoke. We were unfortunately surprised with very thick wildfire smoke the morning of our wedding. Of course, wildfire smoke is never a good thing, but it was definitely memorable. The smoke created a really unique and dreamy feeling both visually and spiritually. The photos especially reflect that moody, sultry vibe.

An Outdoor Romantic Cabin Elopement

We both grew up in heavily forested regions of British Columbia and spent a lot of time outside. It was only natural for us to be married outside. The mountains, lake, and trees created the perfect natural backdrop for us.

Personalizing Their Elopement

Our wedding was small with only five guests so we were able to easily include them in the ceremony. We did a ring warming. The rings were passed around in a box and each person held them for a few moments and silently warmed them with their blessings and well wishes.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Joelsview Photography
Event Planning – Dreamy Events
Floral Design – Minim Designs
Officiant – Sue Cairnie Ceremonies
Live Music – Dorian Goodwin
Rings – Brilliant Earth
Rentals – Perspective Events and Lake + Luna
Pop-up Elopements – Elope BC


Congratulations Sydney and Mark on their seriously romantic cabin elopement. Thank you to Junebug member Joelsview Photography for capturing and sharing this day with us. Check out his profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world. Then, check out these sustainable wedding brands to help you plan an eco-friendly ceremony.


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Hand Crafted Saskatchewan Woods Micro Wedding *

Hand Crafted Saskatchewan Woods Micro Wedding *

Getting married during a pandemic is less than ideal, but Joelle and Tyler made the most of it by hosting their DIY Saskatchewan woods micro wedding at Wicks Retreat. Although the venue started as lodging for Tyler’s family, they transformed it into an entirely new space. They completed the decor with wild flower arrangements from Tisdale Florist, romantic cafe lighting, and DIY touches–including the ceremony arch, signage, and centerpieces.

And to keep up with the DIY theme, Joelle’s mother–who’s a chef–and her two closest friends prepared all of the food for the special day. From charcuterie boards to a roasted pig and homemade cookies, their menu was the epitome of comfort food. 

We’re so glad that Junebug member Sarah Meagan Photography was there to capture every personalized touch of the day. So whether you’re looking for DIY inspiration, or you can’t get enough forest nuptials, these woodland “I do’s” are sure to inspire!

The Couple:

Joelle and Tyler

The Wedding:

Wicks Retreat, Saskatchewan, Canada

Why A Saskatchewan Woods Micro Wedding At Wicks Retreat

Looking back on the day, we can honestly say that Wicks Retreat was the perfect venue for us. We tied the knot in the middle of a forest, in front of a beautiful cabin, surrounded by people who love and support us. Our original plan was for 200+ guests in more of a traditional hall. When restrictions were put in place due to COVID-19, the space no longer made sense, and we had to start thinking of other options. We originally had Wicks Retreat booked for Tyler’s family to stay during the wedding, but it quickly became the obvious choice to host the whole event.

Adding Personal Touches To The Day

Our ceremony was full of personal touches. Joelle’s sister led a team of people that consisted of family and friends to decorate the entire space. There was a memorial table in honor of Joelle’s dad that held a candle to acknowledge his presence. Her cousin entertained guests on the piano as they waited, and her aunt Wanda performed the ceremony. We committed our lives to each other in front of a beautiful arch that was made by Tyler’s dad and decorated by a close friend. We also took a moment before the ceremony began to be fully present and to look out at everyone who was there to support us. Joelle’s wedding ring was also extremely personal as it was the ring that her dad had given to her mom as they exchanged their vows.

A Homemade Meal Prepared By The Bride’s Mom

Joelle’s mom is a chef, so–along with two of her closest friends, Heather and Hope–she prepared and served a menu that ensured no guest left hungry. We started with charcuterie boards full of a variety of cheese, meat, homemade pickles and jellies, veggies from the farmers market, and fresh fruit. For our main course, we were incredibly honored to have a family friend–Herman–volunteer to spend the day roasting a pig which was paired with homemade buns, a variety of salads, and baked beans. Lastly, guests enjoyed a table full of snacks that included homemade cookies, caramel popcorn, nuts and bolts, fruit tarts, and cream puffs, as well as our wedding cake made by a local bakery.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Sarah Meagan Photography
Venue – Wicks Retreat
Floral Design – Tisdale Florist
Cake – Foxy’s Eats & Treats
Wedding Dress – Pronovias
Groom’s Apparel – Coppley
Rentals – Special Event Rentals

Congratulations again to Joelle and Tyler on their Saskatchewan woods micro wedding at Wicks Retreat. We’re so glad that Junebug member Sarah Meagan Photography was there to capture the day. To see more of Sarah’s work, check out her profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world!


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Golden Hour Lakeside Elopement Featuring A Pet And Brews *

Golden Hour Lakeside Elopement Featuring A Pet And Brews *

Eloping can be both exciting and adventurous, especially if the bride is a wedding photographer. Leah has seen over 200 weddings and as much as she loves the party and the details, she and Will decided to elope in Canada in a casual, stress-free way to celebrate. With the help of Junebug member Whistler Elopements, this couple whisked off to Lillooet for a golden hour lakeside elopement and created this incredible glamp site—yes, glamping

From shotgunning beers to snuggling up with their dog for a post-ceremony picnic, we couldn’t imagine a more picture-perfect day. Adventurous nearlyweds, this one’s for you. Keep scrolling to see mountain ranges, a red canoe, and a perfect outdoor elopement captured by Tara Lilly Photography

The Couple:

Leah and Will

The Wedding:

Lillooet, BC, Canada

Pickles And Beer Chugs

This is far from traditional, but we chugged a beer mid-ceremony, cause honestly, why not. Our dog, Pickles, laid at our feet the whole ceremony while chewing on her stick. It was perfect.

Advice For Nearlyweds

Honestly, make it about you. It’s not about what your parents want or what your friends suggest. One of the reasons we loved the true secret elopement was the lack of outside opinions.

A Golden Hour Lakeside Elopement

As a wedding photographer, I really wanted a location that was unique in terms of landscape. I wanted to stay clear of places I shoot in often. I also wanted good light. We structured our elopement around when the light would be optimal for photos, and it shows.

A Wedding Dream Come True

When we initially began talking about the vision, I had mentioned how I always dreamed of having a red canoe on an aqua-blue lake. After choosing the location, we figured it would be a royal pain to bring one along. Unknown to us, our vendors surprised us with a red canoe and brought it out on the roof of Paul’s truck to surprise us.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Tara Lilly Photography
Event Planning – Whistler Elopements
Floral Design – Bliss Event + Design
Officiant – Steve Stemmler
Videography – Paul Cameron Productions
Makeup Artist & Hair Styling – Natacha Trottier
Rings – LF Jewellery
Rentals – Event Rental Works and Wild Havens

Congratulations to Leah and Will on their stunning golden hour lakeside elopement. And huge thank you to Whistler Elopements for sharing this day with us. If you’re considering eloping, we’ve got the ultimate guide to elopement planning and 20 minimalist elopements to give you some extra inspiration.


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Multi-Cultural Cafe de L’Horloge Wedding Full of Impromptu Dancing *

Multi-Cultural Cafe de L’Horloge Wedding Full of Impromptu Dancing *

Two cultures, two big families, and a lot of dancing—we can’t think of a more unique and fun way to celebrate the joining of two lives. From the food to the fashion, Grace and Toni’s multi-cultural Cafe de L’Horloge wedding was full of beautiful Indian and Nigerian influences. 

After the original venue canceled 72 hours before their big day—Grace and Toni leaned on their talented team of vendors to recreate their wedding on a short timeline. Wedding planner and designer, Salar Events & Design, brought the couple’s dream ceremony to life in less than three days at Cafe de L’Horloge. The whimsical reception space—complete with stained glass windows and a quaint fireplace—was dressed in simply elegant Efflorescence floral arrangements and draped twinkle lights

Photographer and Junebug member, Annabelle Agnew Photography captured jaw-dropping images that prove a simple wedding doesn’t mean sacrificing incredible and meaningful moments. Sometimes, less is more. 

The Couple:

Grace and Toni

The Wedding:

Cafe de L’Horloge, Quebec, Canada

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Less Is More At A Cafe de L’Horloge Wedding 

Our ceremony was simple but filled with meaningful moments of laughter, gratitude, and reflection. In light of all the difficult circumstances of 2020, and the uncertainty of whether we’d even have our wedding, it was with sweet relief we sang (or in some cases, hummed ) the hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness” before the vows. We will otherwise remember that at our wedding, we danced…and we danced often! An especially fun memory is the impromptu dance down the aisle after our vows.

Involving Loved Ones 

Our community’s involvement is what made our ceremony personal and meaningful. Our sweet friend and former roommate played “Moon River” on her guitar as my father and I walked down the aisle. We had a close family friend officiate the ceremony, and another lead us in singing “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” Finally, our pastor, a friend of many years, gave a thoughtful wedding sermon.

Hire Vendors You Trust 

Hire vendors you trust to go above and beyond to bring to life the day of your dreams. For us, it was important and rewarding to work with vendors—particularly our wedding planner— who understood and worked with the nuances of our cultural backgrounds. Because of COVID-19, our initial venue canceled 72 hours before our wedding day. We can’t imagine what we would have done without the initiative and help of our talented team.

Anabelle Agnew’s Take On Dancing The Night Away 

It was a wedding full of surprise dance performances. At the reception, the bridesmaids choreographed a virtual dance mash-up—with appearances from family and friends all over the world. The evening ended with Toni and his groomsmen surprising Grace with a Bollywood style flash mob.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Annabelle Agnew Photography
Event Planning –Salar Events & Design
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Cafe de L’Horloge
Floral Design – Efflorescence
Cake – Bayard Gateaux
Videography – Authentik Weddings
Invitation Design –Deux Amoureux
Wedding Dress – Oui je le voeux
Groom’s Apparel – Maison Leporem
Rings – Ecksand
Rentals – Casa D’Eramo

We are grateful Junebug member Annabelle Agnew Photography captured every little moment that made this multi-cultural Cafe de L’Horloge wedding unforgettable. Grace and Toni’s day—full Indian and Nigerian cultural influences, fun, and a whole lot of dancing—is the perfect inspo for couples looking to ditch standard wedding traditions

Feeling inspired to dance the night away, like Grace and Toni? Stop hunting for unique wedding songs to set your day apart. You won’t want to miss these underrated love songs out on the dance floor


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