Romantic And Intimate Shakespeare Garden Elopement *

Romantic And Intimate Shakespeare Garden Elopement *

Elopements have taken the world by storm thanks to COVID, and while they may not be the celebrations couples originally planned on having, we love how intimate they are. After months of planning, librarians Amanda and Caitlin opted for a Shakespeare Garden elopement as a nod to their time as booksellers and favorite date night activity. 

Caitlin looked glamorous in her Eloquii blue sequined dress, and we’re obsessed with Amanda’s bridal suit. There’s nothing we love more than couples breaking wedding traditions, after all. And both styles fit perfectly with their New York city portraits by photographer Sylvie Rosokoff. Keep scrolling to take a stroll through this Big Apple elopement.

The Couple:

Amanda and Caitlin

The Wedding:

Shakespeare Garden, Central Park, New York

Why A Shakespeare Garden Elopement

We chose the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park as the site of our elopement because one of our favorite traditions–that started before we were even dating–has been to go to Shakespeare in the Park every summer together. We met as booksellers, and are now both librarians. Since we are also early risers we also wanted to marry early in the morning—it’s the perfect way to start the day. Marrying early allowed us to avoid the crowds and made us feel like we were all alone in Central Park.

Unique Bridal Fashion

For a long time, Caitlin thought that we would both be wearing suits at our wedding. However, after a long winter and COVID quarantining, she wanted something colorful and bright and sparkly; something that reflected how she felt–exuberant in love. She was able to find her blue sequined dress on Eloquii in the sale section after a long virtual search. It wasn’t so much about the brand or price of the dress but how it made her feel, which was incredible.

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The Couple’s Favorite Photo At The Met

Our favorite photo was taken sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a place we often visit in non-COVID times. We like to get lost amongst the art together. When we first saw this photograph as part of a sneak peek, we actually gasped. It’s of the two of us looking at each other, and Caitlin’s flowers resting against her foot. The colors are so vibrant, and our shared look is so clearly full of love. Sylvie was able to beautifully capture this moment of intimate joy. If we only had this photo of our wedding day, it would be more than enough.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Sylvie Rosokoff
Venue – Shakespeare Garden
Floral Design – Extrafloral
Makeup Artist – Jane Meng
Hair Styling – Zeta Korqa
Wedding Dress – Eloquii
Rings – Catbird NYC

Congratulations again to Amanda and Caitlin on their intimate Shakespeare Garden elopement. Big thank you to Sylvie Rosokoff for capturing the day and sharing it with Junebug. To make your own elopement unique, check out these 16 elopement ideas to make your small wedding special!


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Idyllic Central Park Elopement at Wagner Cove *

Idyllic Central Park Elopement at Wagner Cove *

We can’t get enough of elopements. What’s better than a romantic ceremony with those who matter the most in the most beautiful places in the world? Absolutely nothing. When first engaged, Catherine and Ryan had every intention of having a big wedding in the UK. But, when it came time to plan, they decided an elopement at Wagner Cove in Central Park was the best choice for them!

Catherine’s simple ball gown and bridal cape perfectly complemented the garden setting of the city’s park. We can’t get enough of the wildflowers in her bouquet, flower crown, and Ryan’s boutonniere–which she hand-picked in the UK. That’s right, she flew across the world with her flowers, and they turned out gorgeous.

Ready to see a garden ceremony, adorable family photos, and portraits in the city’s bustling streets? Keep scrolling to see all of the beautiful photos captured by Junebug member Aesthetic Sabotage.

The Couple:

Catherine and Ryan

The Wedding:

Wagner Cove, New York City

DIY Wedding Touches

On the lining of my suit, I had our names and date of the wedding stitched in which made the suit very special. Catherine arranged our flowers–the bouquet, her flower crown, and my boutonniere. She gathered all of her favorite flowers in the UK, put them together, and then carefully traveled with them to NYC. It was something of a miracle they weren’t damaged. It was so special to have had those flowers handpicked by Catherine. They were truly stunning.

Why an NYC Elopement at Wagner Cove

We had planned to get married in April 2020 in the UK, but once planning got well underway, we discovered a big wedding wasn’t for us. We joked about getting married in NYC but assumed it would be too difficult–especially because we were only about two months out from traveling there. Would that give us enough time to plan it all? Once we had done a little research we discovered how easy it was to plan it. From there, everything fell into place. We wanted a micro wedding (three guests) in a beautiful venue/destination. That is exactly what we got.

An Unexpected Jazz Show

We didn’t plan any surprises for each other, but there was a jazz band playing on the other side of the river at Wagner Cove. It was a lovely unplanned touch

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Aesthetic Sabotage Studio
Venue – Wagner Cove
Officiant – Rabbi Steven Blane

Congratulations again to Catherine and Ryan on their central park elopement at Wagner Cove! We’re so glad that Junebug member Aesthetic Sabotage captured the details of their special day. To see more of Aesthetic Sabotage’s work, check out his profile in our directory of best wedding photographers in the world!


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