Moody and Romantic Willow Inn Elopement *

Moody and Romantic Willow Inn Elopement *

Moody and Romantic Willow Inn Elopement

We give you full permission to ditch the bright, summer color palette if that’s not calling to you. Instead, you can opt for a gorgeously dark, moody, and romantic vibe like Giacomo and Domenico. Wedding planner Chic et Champagnepartnered with a talented team of wedding vendors to create this English pub inspired elopement in Hudson, Quebec. From the burgundy velvet suits to the warm, jewel toned color palette, every element of this Willow Innelopement radiates unconventionality

With an English cottage vibe and jaw-dropping lake and mountain views, Willow Inn proves to be a dreamy venue for any wedding style and size. The secluded, waterfront ceremony location was a historic residential property that has since been transformed into a stunning event space. To preserve the venue’s natural beauty, Chic et Champagne complemented the historic charm with dark and elaborate floral arrangements. 

Photographer and Junebug member Julia Garcia-Prat Photography captured every detail that made this Canadian elopement one for the books. If you’re searching for ways to twist traditional wedding elements and make them their own, you’ve come to the right place. Get your Pinterest boards ready and start scrolling for inspiration that’s sure to make your celebration unlike any other

More From Julia Garcia-Prat On This Willow Inn Elopement

Giacomo and Domenico are two lovers who had planned their wedding and in the whirlwind of the pandemic had to postpone it. But nothing stops love. In a setting straight out of an english pub—at the Willow Inn in Hudson, Quebec—they exchanged their vows. A sweet intimate moment that was enhanced by incorporating an abundance of velvet accents, moody-jewel toned colors, and lush floral arrangements.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Julia Garcia-Prat
Event Planning Florals  – Chic et Champagne
Ceremony Venue – Willow Inn
Cake – Bayard Gateaux
Invitation Design – Charlotte & Cie
Groom’s Apparel – Blandin & Delloye
Rentals – Tenue de Soirée


Congratulations to Giacomo and Domenico on their Willow Inn elopement. And big thanks to photographer and Junebug member Julia Garcia-Prat Photography for preserving this detail-oriented celebration. A celebration that’ll be used as inspiration by adventurous couples yearning for a moody, warm, and fully personalized nuptial


Gorgeously Green Multi-Day Lake Tahoe Lodge Wedding *

Gorgeously Green Multi-Day Lake Tahoe Lodge Wedding *

Gorgeously Green Multi-Day Lake Tahoe Lodge Wedding

When it came to creating their perfect wedding, Chase and Mauro wanted it to be about spending time with their loved ones—including their fur baby— and having one big party. They knew that the Chalet View Lodge was perfect, so they rented it out for the weekend. With the help of their family, they DIYed most of their wedding to stay within their budget. From the invitations to Mauro making their cake, there was an extra personal touch of love everywhere.

Using the colors of nature as their color palette, their stunning Lake Tahoe lodge wedding featured wood details, luscious greenery, simple florals, and twinkly lights. Thankfully, Junebug member Apollo Fotografie expertly captured every inch of this DIYed wedding. Scroll down to see the ceremony from start to finish and let it inspire you to DIY parts of your own wedding.

The Couple:

Chase and Mauro

The Wedding:

Chalet View Lodge, Lake Tahoe, California


Spending Time Together As A Family

By far the most important thing for us is that we wanted the wedding to be an opportunity for our families and friends to really get to spend time together and connect. We knew we wanted to find a lodge where just our guests could sleep and be together for the whole weekend. It worked out amazingly well. For three straight days, our guests were hanging out by the pool, going on hikes together, and, of course, enjoying plenty of drinks together!

A DIYed Lake Tahoe Lodge Wedding

We’re exceptionally proud of how much of our wedding was done by ourselves and our family! I designed all of our stationery, Mauro’s sister, with help from my sisters and aunts, did all our flowers using Sam’s Club flowers. My brother-in-law was our DJ, my uncle was our officiant. Mauro’s family friends catered our rehearsal dinner, and Mauro made our cake! Our live band was a couple of guys we happened to hear at a bar in my hometown one night. We heard them play, loved them, and offered to fly them out to play at our wedding! It was a bit outside our budget, but it was the first vacation they had taken in a while and their first time in California, so it was more than worth it.


A Day Filled With Memories 

Our dog stopping to poop while we walking down the aisle is pretty memorable! Also, we wanted a marijuana bar as a fun novelty. But, within five minutes of opening it, everything was gone and the area was up in a cloud of smoke. It’s the part other people remember the most—it comes up any time someone talks to us about the wedding.

Don’t Stress Over Every Detail

At a certain point, a few months before the wedding, we realized that even if nothing else was planned or done, we’d still have an amazing party. The only things you really need are your venue, food, clothes, alcohol, and guests. Everything else is just a fun bonus, so there’s no need to stress over every last detail.


Why A Lake Tahoe Lodge Wedding?

We chose our venue for a very specific reason: we knew we wanted to have around 150 people there and we knew we wanted to have the entire place to ourselves for the weekend. So, we had to find a venue that had enough lodging for our guest count so that we could rent out the entire place. That narrowed things down pretty quickly.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Apollo Fotografie
Event Planning – Leann Logan
Venue – Chalet View Lodge
Catering – Blend Catering and Starkey’s Food Truck
DJ – DJ Resha
Live Music – Robert Abernathy
Rentals – BBJ Linen


Congratulations to Chase and Mauro on their stunning Lake Tahoe lodge wedding. And a major shout out to Junebug member Apollo Fotografie for capturing and sharing this day with us. See more of his work on his profile in our directory of photographers from around the world!


Elegant And Intimate St Vrain Wedding P

Elegant And Intimate St Vrain Wedding P

When it comes to your wedding day, it really is just that—your wedding day. And for Eric and Eric, they created an elegant and intimate St. Vrain wedding that was all their own, with help of wedding planner Brindle & Oak. Not only was their ceremony and reception space completely dreamy, with florals by Project Floral, but emotions run high in the images captured of their guests’ participating and blessing their wedding. They literally seated their friends and family in circular seating arrangement to be even more intimate and personal. 

And let’s not forget the stunning wedding day style. Both Erics rocked matching floral ties, but one wore a dark blue suit and the other a light grey suit—and colorful suits are one of our favorite trends. To end the night, their reception included spirits, dancing, and a sparkler send-off—so Pinterest-worthy. Keep scrolling to see more of this St Vrain wedding expertly captured by Haley Hawn Photo

The Couple:

Eric and Eric

The Wedding:

The St Vrain, Longmont, CO

Why A St. Vrain Wedding?

The St Vrain provided us with the perfect location to have a ceremony and reception in a single location. They have an amazing space that is versatile and fit a lot of our needs. Since they have an amazing set of preferred vendors, we were able to work stress-free throughout much of the process. They did an amazing job!

Truly Surrounded By Their Loved Ones

The most memorable part of the day was definitely the ceremony itself. We decided to have a ceremony in-the-round to make it feel more intimate and personal. We involved friends and family throughout the ceremony as they all play a big part in our life. It felt incredibly meaningful to be physically and figuratively surrounded by the people we love most. Our friends who performed the ceremony provided a beautiful and meaningful service that reflected on our relationship. Tears all around!

Wedding Advice For Nearlyweds

Don’t lose sight of the big picture. It’s easy to get consumed with the small details and stressed about things you think are really important. Just continue to remind each other that the purpose of the day is to celebrate your relationship and commitment to one another. Make sure you make decisions that reflect that bigger picture and it will translate into an amazing guest experience. Also, give yourself some grace and slack. It’s a lot to plan and put together!

Close And Personal Ceremony

We set up the wedding ceremony in-the-round so that the two of us stood surrounded by our friends and family. We had family and friends perform the ceremony and provided time for each member of our wedding party to stand up and provide a word of encouragement or blessing before we tied the knot.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Haley Hawn Photo
Event Planning – Brindle & Oak
Venue – The St Vrain
Floral Design – Project Floral
Catering – Sugar Pine Catering
Live Music – Radio Band
Videography – Canvas + Light
Invitation Design – Sarah Adams
Grooms’ Apparel – Indochino
Grooms’ Shoes – Taft Shoes
Rings – Sarah O Jewelry

Congratulations to Eric and Eric on their gorgeous St. Vrain wedding. Big thanks to Haley Hawn Photo for capturing and sharing this special day with us. If you loved the grooms’ style, check out these unique groom style ideas and our dreamy colorful suit roundup. Don’t blame us if you’re inclined to snag a colorful suit of your own—actually, you can blame us! 


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Romantic Indoor Parisian Elopement Inspiration P

Romantic Indoor Parisian Elopement Inspiration P

Whoever said eloping has to be outside was sadly mistaken. This elopement embodies all of the elements of Paris—love, beauty, and romance. And the bridal gowns—a princess gown with a deep plunge and a form-fitting, ornate mermaid dress—are très chic to say the least. This indoor elopement styled by Through the Glass Paris and The Paris Elopement is proof that couples can elope glamorously indoors regardless of the weather, or a global pandemic. 

Keep scrolling to see matching vow books, gorgeous floral arrangements, and a room fit for two. Be prepared to book a trip to France after seeing these two beauties at this gorgeous apartment in the city of love.

Wedding Planning Advice 

Planning your wedding day should be fun and exciting, even a micro wedding, it should not be something that makes you stressed. If you don’t have enough time and don’t know how to start, think about engaging a wedding planner

Why An Indoor Parisian Elopement

We would like to inspire couples so that they think about the indoor possibilities for their elopement in Paris. In autumn and winter, for example, the weather might get too cold to do the ceremony outside. You can just elope anywhere you’d like, such as an indoor venue like a Parisian apartment, Haussmann style building. You can still achieve chic and stylish vibes

What’s Paris Without Love? 

We loved seeing the wedding exit with confetti come to life while our brides danced, enjoying their time together, and sipping champagne.

The Talented Team:

Photography & Videography – Through The Glass Paris
Event Planning – The Paris Elopement
Floral Design – Be One Paris
Cake – Fu de Patisserie
Invitation Design – Delicate Paper
Makeup Artist & Hair Styling – Alesia Solo
Wedding Dresses – Top Bridal Paris
Bridal Accessories – Vivi Embellish Bridal
Models – Elia & Daria
Rentals – Fleur Du Jour

Thank you again to Through the Glass Paris for sharing this indoor Parisian elopement inspiration with us. A big shout out to the talented team on their incredible work. If you loved this shoot and want to whisk off to Paris, check out their profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world!


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Intimate Jungle Chic Wedding In Yucatán P

Intimate Jungle Chic Wedding In Yucatán P

A three day long wedding in Yucatán, México starting with a ceremony and ending with a party. Count us in. Arturo and Robert’s intimate jungle chic wedding at Chablé Resort & Spa was the perfect combination of elegance and a good time. The couple, with the help of wedding planner Yucatán Love, created a day full of local Yucatán cultural influences. From the authentic Yucatán foods and cocktails to dancers welcoming guests entering the hacienda, no detail was left untouched. 

The grooms contrasting black and navy suits perfectly complemented the lush jungle greenery from the day-time ceremony through the night-time reception, turned party. We are beyond grateful photographer and videographer Meraki Weddings captured the intentionality—from the grooms matching iridescent bow ties to the light-up transparent jungle dance floor—that made this day special and unique. 

The Couple:

Arturo and Roberto

The Wedding:

Mérida, Yucatán, México

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The Wedding Team:

Photography & Videography – Meraki Weddings
Event Planning – Yucatán Love
Ceremony & Reception Venue – Chablé Resort & Spa
Floral Design – Minimal 4.0
Catering – Altaporta Banquetes

Congratulations to Arturo and Robert for their intimate jungle chic wedding at Chablé Resort & Spa. Big thanks to photographer and videographer Meraki Weddings for sharing these jaw-dropping photos that captured the bold colors—a 2021 wedding trend—and cherished details celebrating these grooms. 


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