Fun, Heartfelt, and Intentional Warehouse Wedding

Fun, Heartfelt, and Intentional Warehouse Wedding

A photo booth, a disco ball lit dance floor, and a whole lot of love—these are the ingredients to a truly unique celebration. Liam and Arnel wanted a day filled with their favorite people in their favorite city and that’s exactly what they got. With a historic venue, cozy color palette, and DIY decor, this Chicago warehouse wedding is serving up inspo you’ll want to share with your wedding vendor team

Salvage One—complete with exposed brick walls and vintage furniture pieces—proved to be the perfect wedding location for this nontraditional couple. To infuse the space with personality they put their graphic design skills to work, custom making all the wedding signage. Pop-of-color florals by Flowers for Dreams were also incorporated to add extra character to the venue. 

Laetitia Donaghy Photography captured every detail that made this warehouse wedding one for the books. Get your Pinterest boards ready and keep scrolling for an unlike-any-other nuptial.

Photographer’s Thoughts On This Warehouse Wedding 

Liam and Arnel are the absolute loveliest couple. The entire day was filled with tears and laughter. This stylish couple oversaw every single design detail of their day. The fun Jenga advice game, the throwback photo booth, the hotdog station, the rainbow cake—all of it taking place in the historic Salvage One. Arnel made their own signage and invitations. Liam, a flight attendant, had some of his flight attendant friends include plane props in their speeches—it was an absolute hit! We still keep in touch because they are amazing souls. These two have become friends for life and I am so thankful I got to be their wedding photographer.

The Couple:

Liam and Arnel

The Wedding:

Chicago, Illinois

A Wedding Turned Party 

We’re so proud  of having thrown the best and last party our entire guest list attended before going into lockdown the rest of 2020. Also, being able to show our younger nieces and nephews that love between any two people is beautiful and worth throwing a party for.

Memorable Guest Entrances 

The most memorable part of the day was watching guests trickle out of the trolley and into the venue from our little hideaway upstairs. I’ll never forget seeing the smiling, familiar faces all glowing in the sun on a particularly warm February day.

Incorporating Loved Ones In Your Wedding

We asked a dear friend to officiate our wedding and she helped make the ceremony so incredibly personal. After sharing our hand-written vows, we also partook in a planting unity ceremony in which we took soil from the places we have grown up in and mixed them together in a pot for a small plant. 

Top Wedding Planning Advice

Every couple should create a new email address solely for the wedding. Please don’t forget the guest experience when planning your day, either. It’s also important to not sweat the small stuff. 

DIY Wedding Day Favors

We laser cut custom place cards with everyone’s names on them. These doubled as meal identifiers for the catering team as each attached tassel color corresponded to a meal choice.  At the end of the night we also gave out Morning Recovery bottles. We had a Sunday wedding and wanted our guests to enjoy themselves without fear of feeling it too much the day after.

Venue Was Love At First Sight 

The venue was one of the first things we signed on and really set the tone for the wedding. Salvage One is a converted warehouse with multiple floors full of antique goods and furniture by day and event space by night. We loved the idea of our guests being able to walk around among the trinkets and decor. The reception floor was also fully customizable depending on the size of the wedding and we were able to pull from the store’s unique collection of chairs, tables, couches, lounges, etc. Oh! And of course there’s the disco ball and massive dance floor. It was truly the perfect place.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Laetitia Donaghy Photography
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Salvage One
Floral Design – Flowers for Dreams
Catering – Maison Cuisine
Cake – Maison Cuisine
DJ – Okyne Medialab
Videography – Whole Heart Video
Invitation Design – Arnel Sancianco
Hair Styling – Kaila Kwon
Groom’s Apparel – Suit Supply

Congratulations to Liam and Arnel on their fun-filled warehouse wedding. And big thanks to photographer Laetitia Donaghy Photography for preserving these precious wedding day moments packed with inspiration.  

From the venue to the decor, Liam and Arnel infused their wedding with details that authentically represented their love story. If you’re dreaming of a celebration unlike-any-other, kickstart your wedding planning process by checking out these unique ways to personalize your wedding.


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Candlelit Neutral And Pantone Color Palette Pandemic Wedding *

Candlelit Neutral And Pantone Color Palette Pandemic Wedding *

There’s nothing cuter than couples tying the knot at the place where they met for the first time–and that’s exactly what Dylan and Jeff did after their large summer wedding was postponed. The couple transformed Eden–an American eatery in Chicago–into a wedding venue full of roses and pampas grass arranged by Flowers for Dreams, muted grey decor, and candles galore.

Dylan looked timeless in her Bec + Bridge satin gown–which was initially her rehearsal dinner dress–and Jeff paired perfectly with the decor thanks to his grey ASOS suit. And although it’s a small detail, we love how lovestruck Dylan looked in the heart-shaped glasses she donned at the reception. So if you love killer wedding fashion, dreamy decor, and romantic tablescapes, you’re going to want to see these photos captured by We Are The Bowsers.

The Couple:

Dylan and Jeff

The Wedding:

Eden, Chicago, Illinois

The Satin Bec + Bridge Gown

We wanted–and needed–to keep the wedding small, and my original wedding dress was a little too “grand” for a 15 person wedding, so I decided to wear the dress I purchased for the rehearsal dinner. This satin Australian-made gown by Bec + Bridge was almost too perfect with what we were going for.

Walking Down The Aisle With The Bride’s Father

Even though the aisle was only three rows long, I still wanted the experience of walking down the aisle with my dad. We walked down the aisle to ‘Crazy Love’ by Van Morrison. And although the aisle was short, the feeling of seeing my man staring back at me was just the best.

A Pantone Color Palette Wedding At A Memorable Spot

As soon as we decided to elope, I envisioned the day with our immediate family sitting around one large table, eating great food and drinking great wine. I loved that our family and friends went around the table as we were eating, sharing memories about us and their well wishes. The restaurant we chose was where we had our first date. We actually got married in the exact spot that we met for the very first time. The restaurant is also gorgeous and lent itself well to our vibe.

The Wedding Team:

Photography & Videography  – We Are The Bowsers
Ceremony Venue – Eden
Floral Design – Flowers for Dreams
Catering – Paramount Events
Makeup Artist – Shannon O’Brien
Hair Styling – Rhona Kane Hair
Wedding Dress – Bec + Bridge
Groom’s Apparel – ASOS
Rings – Dana Rebecca Designs

Congratulations again to Dylan and Jeff on their neutral and Pantone color palette wedding at Eden. Big thank you to We Are The Bowsers for sharing it with us. If you’re hosting your own micro wedding, check out our guide on how to host a creative micro wedding.


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Modern Industrial Wildman BT Wedding Inspiration Shoot *

Modern Industrial Wildman BT Wedding Inspiration Shoot *

Say goodbye to neutrals and hello to colors that are as bold as your love.  those unfamiliar, Wildman BT is a spacious, extravagant, and newly renovated event space in Chicago. 

The brilliant wedding planner Wedicity dressed the modern industrial space with bold colors and eye-catching floral arrangements, by Hedonia Flowers. The old exposed brick and subtle gold accents added elegance and fun to the inspiration shoot, not to mention the projector screen that made for unique photo opportunities. The grooms—dressed in coordinating blue-toned suits—couldn’t keep their eyes off each other, and we can’t blame them. 

Get your Pinterest boards ready and keep scrolling to see more of the outpouring of love and the modern-industrial details that made this intimate Wildman BT wedding inspiration shoot unique.

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The Talented Team:

Photography – Emma Mullins Photography
Event Planning – Wedicity
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Wildman Boiler & Tank
Floral Design – Hedonia Flowers
Catering – Feast & Imbibe
Cake – ECBG Cake Studio
Invitation Design – XO Art & Design
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Rare Bird Beauties
Groom’s Apparel – The Groomsman Suit
Rings – Hitched
Rentals – Tablescapes + Bubbly Events
Linens – BBJ Linen

We’re glad photographer Emma Mullins Photography captured the love and bright energy that outpoured from this modern and industrial Wildman wedding inspiration shoot. These talented professionals prove that hiring and bringing together top-notch wedding vendors makes for a magical big day.

If you’re feeling inspired to steer away from traditional pastel color palettes, get started now with a wedding mood board that portrays the feeling you wish to create with your wedding design. 


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Whimsical + Natural Chicago Wedding at Cafe Brauer *

Whimsical + Natural Chicago Wedding at Cafe Brauer *

When asked about her dream wedding, Briana said, “I have never been the girl to dream about a wedding because I wasn’t sure I’d ever get married. To me, finding the person was more important than envisioning a day with just anyone. When I met Giovanni and knew we’d get married, I wanted to be sure that it was a reflection of both of us.” Their whimsical and natural Chicago wedding at Cafe Brauer was just that. 

After saying “I do” at St. Vincent de Paul, the couple and their wedding guests made their way to Cafe Brauer where they partied the night away. With the help of planner LK Events Chicago, they turned the venue’s blank canvas into a decadent venue full of chandeliers, greenery, and extravagant florals put together by Revel Decor

Although Briana was diagnosed with thyroid cancer just a week before they tied the knot–she’s now in remission, thank goodness–she didn’t let the stress of illness dampen the mood on their special day. In fact, she said she cherished the day that much more. Our hearts can’t take it! We’re so glad that Junebug member Erin Hannum was there to capture the love between the newlyweds. Now grab those tissues and get ready to be inspired by this airy, free-spirited affair.

The Couple:

Briana and Giovanni

The Wedding:

Cafe Brauer, Chicago, Illinois

The Bride’s Most Memorable Moment

I was diagnosed with cancer one week before the wedding, which really was a difficult thing for us to grasp. But having that looming in the back somehow made me–and Giovanni, too–cherish the day even more. Nothing that went “wrong” could have come in the middle of us having the best day of our lives. A few weeks leading up to the big day was challenging as I was juggling the coordination and planning of the wedding while going through a lot of serious medical testing, so I think that I put some things to the side because of that. Doing so made me realize that the most important aspects would have been there regardless of all the planning, organizing, and coordinating. All we needed was family, friends, and each other. The day couldn’t have been more perfect.

Personalizing the Ceremony 

I loved that we had our priest do part of the ceremony in Italian since my husband’s family is from Sicily—many had flown in for our wedding. I always want people to feel included and part of something. Since this is what a wedding is for–to hear the exchange of vows and promises to one another–it felt important to have everyone understand our ceremony. 

What it Was Like Working With Erin Hannum

Erin has an exceptional way with her use of light. The thing that drew me to her work is the way she captures feelings so exquisitely–nothing is staged or posed. I’m not a fan of the wedding pictures that you see where people are standing with their arms at a certain height, chin tilted a certain way, looking in a specific direction. I wanted someone that could capture the laughter and joy and the feelings from the day. She delivered. There are so many photos where the joy radiates from the picture. I look at them and hear the laughter. I can hear the music and the exclamations from the people in the room. She captures energy and feeling. Every image turned out so beautifully.

Why Cafe Brauer

Our venue is in the same part of the city we live in, which felt special. It’s a historic landmark that sits on a beautiful plot of land full of gardens/nature. I liked that the venue was one large room so that there wasn’t a lot of shifting/moving spaces during the event. We called 60 places, and none of them were available. We visited six and just knew that the feeling wasn’t right for the night. Cafe Brauer felt special. Luckily, despite it being a hard place to get, we were able to book it for a beautiful Friday in the summer.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Erin Hannum
Event Planning – LK Events Chicago
Ceremony Venue – St. Vincent de Paul
Reception Venue – Cafe Brauer
Floral Design – Revel Decor
Catering – Blue Plate
Cake – Blind Faith Cafe
Live Music – The Chicago Players
Videography – Aaron Bean
Invitation Design – Steracle Press
Makeup Artist – Shannon O’Brien
Hair Styling – Gia Wendt
Transportation – Windy City Limousine

Congratulations again to Briana and Giovanni on their whimsical Chicago wedding at Cafe Brauer. Thanks to Junebug member Erin Hannum for her incredible job capturing the love of the day. To see more of Erin’s work, check out her profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world!


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