This Red And Sage Backyard Wedding Had A Fire Ceremony *

This Red And Sage Backyard Wedding Had A Fire Ceremony *

Priscilla and Jake, like many other couples, had different wedding plans in mind prior to the pandemic, but they opted for a backyard wedding. In doing so they proved that backyard weddings don’t have to feel like your backyard, especially when adding bohemian decor, a Spanish theme, and a fire unity ceremony—yes, we said fire. With help from their families, this couple DIYed their entire wedding—well, almost everything.

Thankfully Junebug member Boutique Weddings + Adventure Elopements captured all the details of this wedding. Get ready to see a burgundy suit, a Mariachi band, and Filipino and Mexican-inspired food with this red and sage backyard wedding.

The Couple:

Priscilla and Jake

The Wedding:

Howell, Michigan

Wedding Advice for Pandemic Nearlyweds

We had a small and intimate wedding with around 35 guests so we were able to manage just fine. For a bigger wedding, we would recommend an event planner or someone designated to worry about all the small details. It’s so easy to get lost in the moment and leave things out!

Why A Red And Sage Backyard Wedding?

Due to the pandemic, we had to reconsider our original Mayan Ceremony and Tulum wedding plan. So we waited for a better time, but we couldn’t wait any longer. Just a month out, we decided we already had everything we needed and our backyard was the perfect setting. It would also give some of our friends and family an opportunity to visit our home.

Personalized Sage Backyard Wedding

We wanted the whole day to feel natural and organic so we chose to have Jake’s best friend officiate the ceremony. It didn’t feel right going with someone who didn’t know our story personally. We also incorporated a lasso rosary which is popular in Mexican and Filipino weddings to represent unity and new beginnings.

DIYed Backyard Wedding Decor

As creatives, Jake and I really wanted to do it all ourselves—I have always wanted to style a wedding. For months, I thrifted and collected brass candlesticks, glass cylinders, vintage luggage and suitcases, candles, etc. My dad and brother made our triangle altar, a pallet wall for hanging photos, and helped set up string lights. I ordered all the flowers and greenery wholesale and decorated our altar myself the day of the wedding. I also made a flower wall with faux grass, wicker baskets, and red roses to play off of the boho vibe. Jake and I even made our own piñata from scratch! We kept joking that this was the biggest production of our lives, but it turned out to be true.

The Couple’s Favorite Moment Captured 

There is a photo of us taken towards the end of the night—the mariachi band is playing, our guests are enjoying the warm fire, Jake is wearing a Mariachi hat (that is too small for his head), we are facing our party but looking at each other. There is a sense of accomplishment and love in both of our faces. I honestly didn’t even know Yana was behind us taking this photo. This is what it’s all about!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Yana Benjamin | Boutique Weddings + Adventure Elopements
Floral Design – MK Carroll Designs
Centerpieces & Altar Flowers – Fifty Flowers
Cake – Gwen’s Cake Decorating
Wedding Dress – Allure Bridals
Groom’s Apparel – Zara
Rentals – Ruby Slipper Design

Congratulations to Priscilla and Jake on your beautiful backyard wedding. And big thank you to Yana Benjamin of Boutique Weddings + Adventure Elopements for capturing and sharing this ceremony. To see more of Yana’s work, check out her profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world


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Earthy Detroit Greenhouse Wedding at Planterra Conservatory *

Earthy Detroit Greenhouse Wedding at Planterra Conservatory *

Marisa and Travis wanted to keep the natural beauty of Planterra Conservatory at the center of their earthy yet elegant wedding design, and we can’t get enough! Planned by the couple themselves, the day was filled with an abundance of greenery and white florals, which perfectly accentuated the greenhouse’s lush vibes. From an emotional walk down the aisle to silly portraits of the bridal party, Junebug member Emily Quinn Photography captured it all beautifully! So get ready, plant lovers, because this one is totally swoon-worthy.

The Couple:

Marisa and Travis

The Wedding:

Planterra Conservatory, Detroit, Michigan

A Global Pandemic Didn’t Ruin Their Special Day

Our wedding happened to fall on the day right before the world shut down. With all the wedding planning that takes place, a global pandemic is not something you prepare for. Although we had people who weren’t able to attend last minute, we did have many people who weren’t going to miss it! 

Carrying The Warm Fuzzy Feeling

The room was filled with love and happiness—which was something I feel like everyone needed during the early stages of the COVID crisis. Our wedding day was the most magical day I could ever dream of. Looking back, I can’t imagine it any other way.

Earthy Wedding Vibes at Planterra Conservatory

When we started wedding planning, we wanted to keep the vibe very earthy and simple. Our reception was in a beautiful greenhouse with fountains and a million different types of plants. We didn’t want our design to take away from the beauty of the venue itself. We decided to move forward with lots of greenery and subtle pops of white florals. We are incredibly happy with how everything turned out!

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Emma Quinn
Ceremony Venue – Saint Hugo Chapel
Reception Venue – Planterra Conservatory
Catering – Forte Belanger
Videography – Northern Native
Invitation Design – Sweet Dates Prints
Makeup Artist – Bianca Sandiha
Hair Styling – The Beauty Gals

Congratulations again to Marisa and Travis on their earthy, elegant wedding at Planterra Conservatory! Big thank you to Junebug member Emma Quin for capturing and sharing the day with us. To see more of Emma’s work, check out her profile in our directory of best wedding photographers in the world!


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