Adventurous Island And Mona Museum Wedding

Adventurous Island And Mona Museum Wedding

Adventurous Island And Mona Museum Wedding

An intimate elopement or a large extravagant celebration—why choose one when you could have both? With help from wedding planner Honeyfig, Frank and Naomi planned a day that incorporated elements from multiple wedding styles. They started with a forest elopement ceremony involving their children and ended with an epic unplugged reception in a museum. 

The Museum of Old and New Art—Australia’s oldest private museum—served as entertainment and a stunning canvas for reception decor. To add a personalized touch, jewel-toned floral arrangements—by The Floral Criteria—dressed the space in a simple, yet show-stopping manner. 

Photographer Jon Gazzignato captured every detail that’ll have nontraditional couples feeling inspired. Maybe you’re looking for ways to decorate your elopement ceremony. Maybe you’re in search of inspiration for ways to twist traditional wedding elements and make them your own. Whatever it may be, you’ve come to the right place. Get your Inspiration boards ready and get scrolling. 

More From Photographer On This Mona Museum Wedding 

The couple eloped in the forest on Bruny Island with their kids before taking the ferry back to Hobart and having an all out stylish wedding at the Mona Museum. I love the mix of intimacy, adventure, style, and party all in one day. The couple loves nature and art so combining those two things made for a truly special wedding. 

The Couple:

Naomi and Frank

The Wedding:

Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Creating A Day That Fully Represents You 

We’re extremely proud of what we created. We’re not wedding people. So, we wanted to create a full day of festivities that showcases our interpretation of what a wedding means to us—ditching wedding traditions that didn’t hold true to our beliefs. And incredibly, we achieved this.  

Creating A Day That Fully Represents You 

We’re extremely proud of what we created. We’re not wedding people. So, we wanted to create a full day of festivities that showcases our interpretation of what a wedding means to us—ditching wedding traditions that didn’t hold true to our beliefs. And incredibly, we achieved this.  

Hand Written Vows Add A Personal Touch 

Our ceremony was deeply private. Our vows were written and spoken together with only our children as witnesses. We flew kites at the beach and celebrated with a picnic before catching the ferry to head towards our second unplugged reception, which was a small gathering of our closest friends and family.  

A Special Venue That Doubled An Entertainment 

We cut the cake first, then we took our wedding party through the art museum on a treasure hunt and into interactive art experiences. Finally ending in the most incredible restaurant to indulge in the finest food and wine on offer in Tasmania. Every single part of our day makes me smile and feel like we cherry-picked the best parts of our life and pulled it all together into one incredible fiesta. This is the wedding I would dream of being invited to and—even better—it was all ours.

Little Moments Make For The Most Memorable 

Walking into the ceremony in the forest with my soon-to-be-husband by my side was the most memorable moment for me. Our three children were standing and waiting for us in the most stunning forest location. We had chosen that location as a family the day before, making it even more special. The looks on their beautiful little faces when they saw us walk in will never leave me.

Advice For Couples Planning A Unique Wedding 

My advice to anyone planning their wedding is twofold. Firstly, have complete and utter trust in the talented team of wedding vendors assisting you. They’re all professionals and know what they’re doing. Choose vendors that you have a genuine connection with and give them your trust, they will make sure that your day is seamless and special. My second piece of advice is to relax, take a deep breath, and remember this is a celebration of love. There is no place for stress and angst in the process and certainly not on your wedding day.  

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Jon Gazzignato
Event Planning – Honeyfig
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Museum of Old and New Art
Floral Design – The Floral Criteria
Officiant – Nat Weaver
Invitation Design + Signage – Blossie
Makeup Artist – Tamsin Nolan
Hair Styling – Ben OBrien
Rings – Metal Urges


Congratulations to Frank and Naomi on their Mona museum wedding. And big thanks to photographer Jon Gazzignato for preserving these precious moments—proving that cookie-cutter weddings are overrated. Bring on the unconventional venues and unique celebrations! 


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Surprisingly Glam Courthouse Wedding

Surprisingly Glam Courthouse Wedding

Surprisingly Glam Courthouse Wedding

Having a glam courthouse wedding is no easy feat, but Logan and Eddie did it beautifully. They didn’t want to wait any longer to get married—not even the rain could stop their love. To make their love story official, they decided on having a civil ceremony now and a huge party later. 

Thanks to event planner Honey + Thyme Events, they made the most of their courthouse wedding by incorporating wedding traditions, unique personal touches, and gorgeous wedding day fashion. Logan wore a puffy-sleeved mini dress with pearls, low heels, and a simple pink rose bouquet while Eddie wore a tan suit with brown loafers. Scroll down to see more of this gorgeously glam courthouse wedding captured by Jessi Lancaster.

The Couple:

Logan and Eddie

The Wedding:

Mecklenburg County Courthouse, Charlotte, North Carolina

Why A Glam Courthouse Wedding?

We chose the courthouse because we knew we wanted a location that represented Charlotte, our new home, and the place Eddie proposed. It didn’t hurt that our courthouse has beautiful architectural details and colors that perfectly tied into my overall vision for our wedding day celebration next year. We would go on walks around the city and I would always admire the columns and quotes etched into the building—it was a perfect fit.

The Groom’s Most Memorable Moment

The rain was pretty memorable in a good way. It made everything reflective and cool. It also meant we had to stay close to each other under the umbrella, which I loved.

Most Memorable Part for the Bride

The most memorable part of the day was running out of the courthouse full of adrenaline and feeling so elated and even silly! We danced and ran around while Jessi captured the perfect memories. I remember letting out a big laugh and exclaiming “babe, did we just get married!?”

Not Following Their Original Plan

I’m proud that I trusted my gut even though this wasn’t our original plan. And that we stayed true to ourselves and kept it just us two. With it being just Eddie and me, I was able to be in the moment with him completely the whole day.

Advice From The Bride

Embrace the traditions you love and throw out any you don’t care about or that don’t suit you. And although it can be difficult, avoid focusing on trends and focus on the details of your relationship instead! Also, hire a wedding planner.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Jessi Lancaster
Event Planning – Honey + Thyme Events
Ceremony Venue – Mecklenburg County Courthouse
Floral Design – Seeded Events & Design
Cake – Button Bakery
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Look Love Beauty
Wedding Dress – Odylyne The Ceremony
Groom’s Apparel – Joseph Abboud


Congratulations to Eddie and Logan on their glam courthouse wedding! Thank you to Honey + Thyme Events for sharing it with us. From elopements to large ceremonies, there are many US cities to choose from for your destination wedding. If you can’t decide on the venue in your destination, check out these Airbnbs from every US state. 


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Naturally Beautiful French Chateau de Varennes Wedding

Naturally Beautiful French Chateau de Varennes Wedding

Naturally Beautiful French Chateau de Varennes Wedding

One day just wasn’t enough to pack the love, dancing, and quality family time into this Château de Varennes wedding celebration. Jessica and Carlo wanted a wedding weekend that prioritized their love for their family, friends, and each other. With the help of wedding planner Marie Chicchirichi, this couple was able to create a whimsical wedding weekend straight out of a fairytale. 

The ceremony and reception venue—Château de Varennes—was a historic, luxury French chateau that would make any couple feel like royalty. To enhance the already beautiful mansion, La Maison Dautel incorporated a floral ceremony arch and delicate arrangements throughout the reception space

Photographer Melanie Munoz and Junebug member Luno films captured every moment that made this French wedding one for the books. Keep scrolling for gorgeous fairytale wedding inspiration and an epic balcony bridal bouquet toss. 

More From Luno Films On This Chateau de Varennes Wedding

We had great times with Jessica, Carlo, and their large family during their three-day wedding in France. The whole event was perfectly managed by Marie Chicchirichi—the wedding planner—and everyone enjoyed it. 

The Couple:

Jessica and Carlo

The Wedding:

Charette-Varennes, France

A Celebration Uniting Two Families 

We had the perfect mix of people attend our wedding. We wanted to show our love for all of the guests and also make sure everyone felt included. For us, it wasn’t just about honoring our love but also about our families uniting as one.

Little Moments Make For A Special Day 

There wasn’t one special moment but rather many that made for a truly incredible wedding day. What stood out the most for us was realizing how great the people in our lives are. Not only did we have a great time, but we also prioritized sharing emotions and love with one another. 

Be Selective With Your Guest List

Spend the day with only the people you really want to be there and if possible, celebrate not just one day but a whole weekend—or at least add an extra dinner or brunch. The wedding day goes by way too fast.

Recommended reading: How to Trim Your Wedding Guest List

Select A Venue That Makes You Feel At Home 

We recommend selecting a location close by—for those only able to attend the wedding ceremony—that captivates you and makes you feel right at home. If you’re planning a weekend wedding celebration, find a venue that offers accommodation so you can spend as much time as possible with your family and friends. 

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Melanie Munoz
Event Planning – Marie Chicchirichi
Ceremony + Reception Venue – Château de Varennes
Floral Design – La Maison Dautel
Cake – Atelier de Dorothée
Officiant – Nicole Künzle
Videography – Luno films
Makeup Artist – Lydia Vogt


Congratulations to Jessica and Carlo on their whimsical Château de Varennes weekend wedding! And big thanks to Videographer and Junebug member Luno films for sharing this fairytale wedding that’ll have couples dreaming of hosting their own luxury wedding weekends. 



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Perfectly Boho Joshua Treehouse Elopement *

Perfectly Boho Joshua Treehouse Elopement *

Perfectly Boho Joshua Treehouse Elopement

While your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life, it’s also typically one of the most wasteful. So we love it when photographers and planners organize styled shoots that focus on sustainability. This perfectly boho Joshua Treehouse elopement–organized by photographer Eunice Beck–used vintage clothing and decor, dried florals, and the beauty of the Tucson desert to prove that sustainability is still stunning.

From the 70s inspired outfits in the pre-wedding portraits to the use of vintage rugs and floor pillows in the ceremony space, every detail was well-thought-out. Not to mention the pampas grass covered reception tables which were expertly executed. So whether you’re planning your own dreamy desert elopement or you’re just looking for ways to be more eco-conscious, you’re going to want to keep scrolling to see more of this one.

Want A Sustainable Wedding?

While a sustainable wedding may seem hard to host, there are a lot of small changes you can make to have an eco-conscious day. Check out these 20 small changes that are a great place to start!





Dream of Celebrating Under The Stars?

Us too! There’s nothing more romantic than celebrating your nuptials under the stars and fairy lights. To maximize the coziness of your reception, be sure to check out these cozy wedding reception tips!

The Talented Team:

Photography – Eunice Beck
Second Shooter – Natalie Allen
Venue – JTH Tucson
Floral Design – Cultivated by Faith
Makeup Artist – Eden Symone
Wedding Dress, Groom’s Apparel & Rentals – Buckhorn Vintage
Second Wedding Dress – Reformation


Big thank you to Eunice Beck for capturing and sharing this perfectly boho Joshua Treehouse elopement! To get ahead on your own elopement planning, be sure to check out this checklist.


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Beautiful Backyard Florida Wedding *

Beautiful Backyard Florida Wedding *

Beautiful Backyard Florida Wedding

This wedding was doused in florals and feathers. We mean it—Bridgerton’s got nothing on this backyard Florida wedding. Alexa and Javin decided to tie the knot at their home when COVID restrictions didn’t allow for a destination wedding. With florals by 2 Birds Events and help from wedding planner–and Junebug member–Carefully Curated Events, their backyard was completely transformed into a gorgeous fairy-tale wedding venue. 

Speaking of fairy tales, Alexa’s gorgeous blush-toned gown makes it easy to understand why brides are opting for more colorful wedding dresses. Her bridesmaids complemented her look with matching mauve gowns while the groom and groomsmen rocked dark green suits and floral ties. Thankfully, Britt & Bean Photography captured the essence of the entire wedding. Keep scrolling to see every detail of this beautiful backyard wedding.

The Couple:

Alexa and Javin

The Wedding:

Tampa, Florida

Bridal Quality Time With The Girls

While I was so incredibly happy with our decor and florals, the part of the day that filled my heart was being able to enjoy the day with the five most amazing girlfriends, my bridesmaids. It’s not easy to build healthy strong relationships and friendships that are filled with unconditional love. When I look back at photos at myself and my girls, I couldn’t be more proud to have had them by my side. Weddings are the perfect time to reflect on all the blessings you have—especially your people.

Marrying Your Best Friend

The most memorable part of the day was walking back up the aisle together. Everything happens so fast during the ceremony, you don’t even realize what is happening. But after it’s over and it’s just you two together, you can finally have your “Oh my god, I just got to marry my best friend” moment.

Choosing A Backyard Florida Wedding

We were originally supposed to have a destination wedding in North Carolina, but it didn’t work out due to COVID restrictions. So we picked the most beautiful, most comfortable place for us in Florida—my home!

Advice From The Bride

This is the most overstated and stereotypical piece of advice, but it’s also the most important: find a way to manage your stress. I won’t say “don’t stress” because that is impossible, but you have to find a way to handle it or it will steal your joy. Halfway through my planning process, I wanted to call off the whole big wedding and just go to the courthouse. It’s not a fun feeling so avoid it as much as possible.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Britt & Bean Photography
Event Planning – Carefully Curated Events
Floral Design – 2 Birds Events
Catering – Saltblock Hospitality
Cake – Halelife Bakery
DJ – DJ Moreno
Photobooth – The Gala Photobooth
Videography – Julie Gomez/ Vidamotions 
Invitation Design – A&P Designs
Makeup Artist – Jennifer Beauty Co. and Sarah Dorado
Hair Styling – Jennifer Beauty Co
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Azazie
Rings – Summit Diamonds
Rentals – Kate Ryan Events


Congratulations to Alexa and Javin on their beautiful backyard Florida wedding! Big thank you to Britt & Bean Photography for sharing and capturing this day with us. And, of course, thank you to Junebug member Carefully Curated Events for planning the entire day. To see more of their wedding planning, check out their profile in our directory of wedding planners from around the globe!


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