Tropical Industrial Millwick Wedding, Full of Laid-Back Vibes *

Does it get any better than an industrial and tropical wedding? We don’t think so. Lauren and Julian’s tropical day at the industrial Millwick in LA plays up the venue’s lush aesthetic perfectly. One look at the ceremony space and you would think we were in Tulum.

The beautiful white and green flower arrangements by Best Day Ever Floral Design totally pop against the brick interior, and we can’t get enough of the couple portraits the two took with Gabriel Conover outside on the streets of Los Angeles. The couple–with the help of Pop The Champagne Events–clearly paid attention to all of the small details, and we love every minute of it. So, get those Pinterest boards ready, Junebabes, because this one is totally pinnable.

The Couple:

Lauren and Julien

The Wedding:

Millwick, Los Angeles, California

Why A Millwick Wedding

The question we always asked ourselves when touring a venue was, “Is this the kind of place we would hang out at?” Walking into Millwick’s quirky, tropical-meets-industrial space–with tons of lush greenery and a low-key, casual vibe–felt like a place we would grab a drink—if it were open to the public. I think we decided before our tour even started that it was going to be the place.

A Quiet Moment Before The Ceremony

There’s a photo of us in the couple’s suite before the ceremony. We’re sitting in two armchairs, holding hands and chatting. It was a small moment where we were preparing for what was about to unfold–what five years of love led up to. It’s my favorite picture of the day.

Personalizing The Ceremony With Friends & Family

Instead of having a flower girl, we opted for “flower grandmas!” Both of our grandmothers did tremendous work helping raise us, and we wanted to make them part of the procession somehow. We had them walk down together and hand out flowers to our guests, which ended up being one of our favorite moments. We also had our moms do a couple of readings from authors that were meaningful to us–Shel Silverstein for him, Haruki Murakami for me. To top it all off, our friend Nick graciously agreed to officiate and marry us. He’s known us both as friends and as a couple, so he was the perfect choice. Together we collaborated on a ceremony script that was short, sweet, and best of all, uniquely us.

Wedding Advice From The Bride

Make peace with the fact that you probably won’t have the time or budget for every single thing in your wedding planning vision. You may set out wanting x, y, and z, but all of a sudden, z is no longer attainable for whatever reason. This happened to me with custom invitations. Initially, I wanted a custom-designed invite, but after prioritizing my list of must-haves, I realized it wasn’t as important to me as having other things.

Laid-Back Tropical Wedding Day Vibes

Millwick is a cool, unconventional venue with a tropical-industrial aesthetic and we really wanted to embrace that. So we opted to keep the florals tropical yet modern in terms of the color palette. We stuck to creams and muted pastels accented by pops of amber and lots of tropical greenery. Annie–our florist–kept things from becoming too monotonous by playing up textures and hues.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Gabriel Conover
Event Planning – Pop the Champagne Events
Venue – Millwick
Floral Design – Best Day Ever Floral Design
Catering – Two Doughs
Cake – Mwokaji Cakery
DJ – Hey Mister DJ
Videography – Kristine + Charles
Makeup Artist – Nikki Davis
Hair Styling – Carmina Milian
Wedding Dress – Sarah Seven
Bridal Accessories – Untamed Petals
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Lulu’s
Groom’s Apparel – The Black Tux
Rings – Anna Sheffield
Photobooth – Flipbooth
Bar – Huntington Catering

Congratulations again to Lauren and Julien on their tropical industrial Millwick wedding! Thank you to Gabriel Conover for sharing it with Junebug. Ready to recreate this look for your venue? Check out our 8 tips to turn any venue into a tropical paradise! 


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