Wedding hashtag ideas with nothing to do with last names *

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Look, some of us just don’t want wedding hashtag ideas based on last names. Maybe your surnames are too complicated, or maybe you just want to do something more unique and a little different. Either way, there are tons of options to consider when brainstorming your wedding hashtag. To spark some inspiration, we’ve collected ideas to help you create that one-of-a-kind unique wedding hashtag.

How to find a unique wedding hashtag

When it comes to finding an original wedding hashtag, you’ve got options! Here are three ways couples choose their hashtag:

Let the pros work their magic

Look, not all of us are punny. Sometimes, it’s just worth getting a pro. Services like Wedding Hashers make it easy to find the perfect, unique wedding hashtag without the use of last names. They have a whole team of witty writers who ask you a few basic questions about you and your partner… stuff like how you met, activities you like to do together, and mutual interests. 

Then, they get to work finding punny hashtags. Think of your wedding hashtag as your lifelong couples slogan. Their writing pros will gather their ideas and send them right to your inbox within one business day. This is the easiest way to get professional and fun wedding hashtag ideas.

Wedding hashtags are great and useful because they make your guests laugh. Also, catchy hashtags or catchphrases are memorable. You, friends, and family may go on using them for years to come, so it’s important to make it count!

Try a wedding hashtag generator

Can’t wait one business day to gather ideas? Try a wedding hashtag generator. While this is the fastest way to start getting ideas, it’s not ideal if you’re looking to avoid using your last names. For generators, you’re asked to put both your last names (or any nicknames) into the form, then you get a few generic options. For some couples, these suggestions are enough. However, for those looking to create a unique slogan that goes beyond their last name, working with professionals is the better option. 

Of course, what you get from a wedding hashtag generator can be used as a jumping off point for more ideas. So, if you’re keen on creating your own, a generator might be a good place to start.

Create your own

Are you and your partner creative types? Does the idea of creating your own wedding hashtag excite you? For some couples, writing their own hashtag isn’t an issue… for others, it’s frustrating. Here are some pros and cons to creating your own hashtag:


  • It’s an activity that will bring you both closer together. Together, you can go through your favorite common hobbies and interests and discuss the types of hashtags you want (such as funny, romantic, or classic). If you need some help with the process, you can take a wedding hashtag quiz. The quiz will help you answer some essential questions like “What Kind of Wedding Hashtag is Right for You?” and “What is Your Perfect Honeymoon?”
  • Creative exercises like this are wonderful for bonding with your partner. Collaborating together is something you plan to do forever, so why not start now?


  • You’re busy planning other parts of your wedding! In the months before your wedding, time is a precious commodity.
  • If time is not on your side, then consider getting professional help writing wedding hashtags. 
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20 unique wedding hashtag ideas that have nothing to do with last names

Hobby-based wedding hashtags

Hobby-based hashtags say a lot about you as a couple. In fact, the people around you may know that you love hanging out together for certain activities. Here are some hobby-themed hashtags that might get your creative juices flowing…

  1. #ClimbingToTheAltar – For those athletic couples that take their love to the pinnacle (literally), this hashtag that combines your love of rock climbing with your journey to altar. You could swap the word “climbing” out for whatever activity you enjoy!
  2. #MeetUsAtTheBonusStage – For gamer couples, this is your day! Invite your loved ones to meet you at the ultimate bonus stage. Just like TV and movies, which we’ll discuss later, games have lots to work from when it comes to puns. If one game is special to you, mine that world for wedding hashtag ideas.
  3. #CheersToTheHappyCouple – This hashtag uses a common wedding toast phrase to express a couple’s love of drink and festivities. If you’re both fans of happy hours, mimosa brunches, and beer tastings, this is an apt twist on the wedding hashtag.
  4. #InfiniteExposure – Shutterbug couples rejoice! Show your love for eachother and photography with your hashtag.
  5. #We’reGunnaPopSomeTags – Do you love thrift shopping together? This hashtag takes its inspiration from Macklemore and turns it into something catchy and appropriate for a wedding slogan.

Interest-Based Hashtags

Do you have shared interests that you’re known for? Capitalize on that by creating a wedding hashtag that shows your mutual interest in a way that’s sure to entertain your guests.

  1. #KickoffBegins2021 – Couples who spend Sunday and Monday in front of the TV in their favorite jersey know what’s up. This hashtag pays homage to your mutual interest and the year of your wedding.
  2. #OnceUponATimeInChicago – How does your story begin and where? Book lovers, start your wedding celebrations by inviting people to help tell your story through photos, videos and social posts. No matter where you’re getting married, you can work the city or venue into your hashtag.
  3. #SheCooksHeCleans – Does your domestic life say a lot about your personalities? Is she a skilled home cook? Does he wash and dry when she’s finished? This is teamwork.
  4. #CanWeGetAHellYeah? – Wrestling fans can use this twist on a Stone Cold Steve Austin catchphrase to build some hype for their nuptials. Not a Steve Austin fan? That’s okay, think of your favorite wrestlers and see if there’s a way to re-work their famous catchphrases for your hashtag.
  5. #WonderfulTonight2021 – With music as your inspiration, there are plenty of wedding hashtag ideas to choose from. Take a favorite song title or lyric that encapsulates your relationship and write it into your wedding hashtag.

TV Or Movie-Based Hashtags

Looking to infuse some pop culture into your wedding festivities? You can do that by referencing TV shows and movies in your hashtag.

  1. #BurnAfterWedding – Fans of the Coen Brothers have lots to work with. Their film style has a large following. Burn After Reading is a comedy thriller with a silly plot and a cast of characters that include George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malkovich, and Frances McDormand. You’re sure to get lots of laughs from guests “in the know.”
  2. #TheThinWedLine – If WWII period war dramas are more your pace, this one’s for you. The story, and this nifty hashtag, is perfect for couples who love history or even those with military backgrounds.
  3. #GetSchwiftyWithUs2021 – A call to action worthy of Rick and Morty, this hashtag is for fans of the popular animated science fiction sitcom. Invite your wedding guests to “get schwifty” with you both on your wedding day!
  4. #ShesMyLobster – Fans of the show Friends will recognize the famous quote. As Phoebe describes it, “She’s your lobster. Come on, you guys. It’s a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life. You can actually see old lobster couples, walking around their tank, you know, holding claws.”
  5. #MarriedWeAre – With all the new Star Wars spin-offs out today, there are many generations of fans. This wedding hashtag idea says it all like our beloved Yoda would. You can take this one in different directions though. There are puns a-plenty to create based off this detailed fictional universe. 

Unique Wedding Hashtags

If your ideal wedding hashtag doesn’t fall into one of the above categories, that’s okay. There are other ways to approach it. Here are some ideas:

  1. #LoveForeverInCancun – Calling all destination weddings! You chose to go somewhere special, so why not incorporate it into your wedding hashtag? It’s a simple premise, but your guests will love the idea since this will be a special trip for them too.
  2. #RoverHasAMomAndDad – Do you have a beloved pet who is about to get a new mom or dad? Recruit your pet as your wedding mascot and add them to your wedding hashtag. It’s a super-cute way to get all members of the family involved
  3. #GenericWeddingHashtag – Here’s a tongue-in-cheek hashtag that brings some sarcasm into the picture. Yet, you get all the benefits of a wedding hashtag! If you’re known for your humor, this one will get some laughs.
  4. #HeSaidYes – These days, weddings don’t always follow a traditional model. Yep, sometimes the women are doing the proposing! If your proposal story has a unique twist, use it as one of your wedding hashtag ideas.
  5. #APizzaMyHeart – Some people are obsessed with pizza. Why wouldn’t they be? Pizza is delicious, and it’s working its way into more and more weddings. At some events, it’s the main course or an after party treat. Either way, embrace your shared food love and share it with the world.

Making a memorable and unique wedding hashtag

At the end of the day, your wedding is about you. Your hashtag is a reflection of you and your partner’s personalities. Hopefully, these wedding hashtag ideas will get your creative juices flowing!


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