YOU WEREN’T INVITED: Funny elopement announcements *

We love how this card makes the advantages of eloping very clear!

Ok, so you did it: you knew there might be blowback or hurt feelings, but you decided to elope anyway because, well, elopements are awesome. Now you’re married, and you’re looking for elopement announcement ideas. That’s cool! If you’re looking for elopement wording, cute elopement cards, and funny elopement announcements, we’re here for you.

We love the audacity of these cards! If you know your friends and family have a great sense of humor, these are for you!
If you want to go a little less daring, this card has a more gently worded elopement announcement.
these cards go for a bold typographic design.
Who doesn’t love a good antelope pun!?
How much do you love the contrast between the design of these cards, and their “shit just got real” elopement announcement wording?

This last funny elopement card is a cute unfolding design…

BOOM! Married. HA! How cute are these floral elopement announcement cards?