Romantic And Intimate Sunset Elopement

Romantic And Intimate Sunset Elopement

Romantic And Intimate Sunset Elopement

The perfect venue for your elopement can truly be anywhere you dream of—even an art gallery. Mato – Art Gallery, or “O Mato,” was the perfect venue for this intimate sunset elopement with its unique backdrops, artistic structure, and stunning outdoor landscape. Bad Bad Maria wanted to blend weddings and art. Sharing the idea that weddings can be unconventional. Using the shadows and shapes of the art, this talented team kept the decor and wedding fashion equally as artistic. 

The artful decor consisted of natural colors, cascading roses, plush pillows, and tall candlesticks. Plus, the vows were written on autumn tree leaves—cute and creative. To add to the artistic feel, the wedding day fashion consisted of a backless lace dress by Jesus Peiro, a crisp black suit, and Converse sneakers. We could go on, but we’ll let the stunning images do the talking.

Keep scrolling to see how Lovati Photography captured this intimate sunset elopement. 

Here’s what Bad Bad Maria had to say about this Intimate Sunset Elopement:

When we talk about a wedding, many couples immediately think of a church or a typical venue. But there are so many different places where we can have beautiful weddings. How about a unique piece of art? We’re a Portuguese collective wedding planner that believes weddings don’t have a formula, rules, and they don’t need to be conventional.



The Talented Team:

Photography – Lovati Photography
Event Planning – Bad Bad Maria
Venue – Mato Art Gallery, “O Mato”
Floral Design – O Filho da Rosa
Cake – Bakewell
Videography – Sublime Films
Invitation Design – A Pajarita
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Andrea Sousa
Wedding Dress – Jesus Peiro
Bridal Accessories – Leao Creative


Congratulations to Bad Bad Maria and this talented team for creating this romantic and intimate sunset elopement. Not sure if you want to elope? Here are a few reasons you might want to. 


Elegantly Minimalist Durban Backyard Wedding

Elegantly Minimalist Durban Backyard Wedding

Elegantly Minimalist Durban Backyard Wedding

There’s something about backyard weddings that we find oh-so-romantic–especially when the venue is a home with significant meaning to the couple. After getting engaged in November 2020, Abi and Brad knew they didn’t want to wait to tie the knot. So the couple said “I do” in a minimalist Durban wedding two months later at Abi’s childhood home. 

With the help of Just Peachy Events SA, the couple transformed the backyard into an elegant ceremony and reception space full of simple black, white, and gold decor–letting South Africa’s lush foliage be the true highlight of the day. 

So whether you’re looking to save money on the venue or you want to get married somewhere personal that holds a special place in your heart, this one’s for you. One look at these photos from Christy Hosking Photography will have you ready to plan your own backyard micro wedding.

The Couple:

Abi and Brad

The Wedding:

Durban, South Africa

The Bride On Hosting A Minimalist Durban Wedding

We had been together for seven years when we got engaged in November 2020 and had planned to have a big wedding in June of 2021. South Africa was then placed on a level three lockdown due to COVID-19. We had plans to buy the family home I grew up in and we knew that we didn’t want to wait to get married. So we decided the week of Christmas to go ahead and do an intimate ceremony on January 8th with our parents and my husband’s two brothers.

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Letting Nature Be The Highlight Of The Decor

For the overall theme, I wanted the color scheme to be simple and minimalistic to match our style. That’s why we chose white, black, and gold for the table settings, florals, and wedding cake. January brings the summer rain in Durban, and the foliage in our garden was so lush that I wanted the landscaping to do most of the talking.


A Special Wedding Ring

My wedding band was a gift from my mom for Christmas. It was her wedding ring from her marriage to my late father who passed away in 2013, so this was very special to me.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Christy Hosking Photography
Event Planning – Just Peachy Events SA 
Wedding Dress – Nikki Roux


Congratulations again to Abi and Brad on their minimalist Durban wedding!

Gorgeously Green Multi-Day Lake Tahoe Lodge Wedding

Gorgeously Green Multi-Day Lake Tahoe Lodge Wedding

Gorgeously Green Multi-Day Lake Tahoe Lodge Wedding

When it came to creating their perfect wedding, Chase and Mauro wanted it to be about spending time with their loved ones—including their fur baby— and having one big party. They knew that the Chalet View Lodge was perfect, so they rented it out for the weekend. With the help of their family, they DIYed most of their wedding to stay within their budget. From the invitations to Mauro making their cake, there was an extra personal touch of love everywhere.

Using the colors of nature as their color palette, their stunning Lake Tahoe lodge wedding featured wood details, luscious greenery, simple florals, and twinkly lights. Thankfully, Junebug member Apollo Fotografie expertly captured every inch of this DIYed wedding. Scroll down to see the ceremony from start to finish and let it inspire you to DIY parts of your own wedding.

The Couple:

Chase and Mauro

The Wedding:

Chalet View Lodge, Lake Tahoe, California


Spending Time Together As A Family

By far the most important thing for us is that we wanted the wedding to be an opportunity for our families and friends to really get to spend time together and connect. We knew we wanted to find a lodge where just our guests could sleep and be together for the whole weekend. It worked out amazingly well. For three straight days, our guests were hanging out by the pool, going on hikes together, and, of course, enjoying plenty of drinks together!

A DIYed Lake Tahoe Lodge Wedding

We’re exceptionally proud of how much of our wedding was done by ourselves and our family! I designed all of our stationery, Mauro’s sister, with help from my sisters and aunts, did all our flowers using Sam’s Club flowers. My brother-in-law was our DJ, my uncle was our officiant. Mauro’s family friends catered our rehearsal dinner, and Mauro made our cake! Our live band was a couple of guys we happened to hear at a bar in my hometown one night. We heard them play, loved them, and offered to fly them out to play at our wedding! It was a bit outside our budget, but it was the first vacation they had taken in a while and their first time in California, so it was more than worth it.


A Day Filled With Memories 

Our dog stopping to poop while we walking down the aisle is pretty memorable! Also, we wanted a marijuana bar as a fun novelty. But, within five minutes of opening it, everything was gone and the area was up in a cloud of smoke. It’s the part other people remember the most—it comes up any time someone talks to us about the wedding.

Don’t Stress Over Every Detail

At a certain point, a few months before the wedding, we realized that even if nothing else was planned or done, we’d still have an amazing party. The only things you really need are your venue, food, clothes, alcohol, and guests. Everything else is just a fun bonus, so there’s no need to stress over every last detail.


Why A Lake Tahoe Lodge Wedding?

We chose our venue for a very specific reason: we knew we wanted to have around 150 people there and we knew we wanted to have the entire place to ourselves for the weekend. So, we had to find a venue that had enough lodging for our guest count so that we could rent out the entire place. That narrowed things down pretty quickly.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Apollo Fotografie
Event Planning – Leann Logan
Venue – Chalet View Lodge
Catering – Blend Catering and Starkey’s Food Truck
DJ – DJ Resha
Live Music – Robert Abernathy
Rentals – BBJ Linen


Congratulations to Chase and Mauro on their stunning Lake Tahoe lodge wedding. And a major shout out to Junebug member Apollo Fotografie for capturing and sharing this day with us. See more of his work on his profile in our directory of photographers from around the world!


Simple and Elegant Intimate Lakeside Micro Wedding

Simple and Elegant Intimate Lakeside Micro Wedding

Simple and Elegant Intimate Lakeside Micro Wedding

Weddings do look and feel a little different thanks to the pandemic. However, with pandemic restrictions slowly lifting around the world, Emily and Robert were able to book their dream venue. Plus, they were able to include their friends and family via Zoom! Fast forward a year later, they were able to celebrate their marriage with their friends and family for an in-person reception at Emily’s childhood home! 

From a sunrise first look at Half Dome to saying “I do” at Yosemite Falls, we are gushing over Emily and Robert’s lakeside micro wedding. Not to mention Emily looks incredible in her off-the-shoulder Elora Dress from Madi Lane. Whether they were running around Yosemite National Park, or laughing with their loved ones, Junebug member Authentic Collective captured it all.

The Couple:

Emily and Robert

The Wedding:

Swinging Bridge, Yosemite National Park, California

A Sunrise First Look

The most memorable part of our day was by far the sunrise first look at Glacier Point. Rob was standing on an overlook staring out to the horizon, the sun was rising but still low enough to be hidden behind the infamous Half Dome. Then, just as I started walking towards Rob, the sun illuminated the entire sky as it began beaming out from behind Half Dome. Tears immediately started flowing from excitement and joy as I walked up behind him and put my hand on his shoulder. It seemed as though in this exact moment “the stars aligned” perfectly for us, reassuring us this is where we were meant to be.

Hosting A Pandemic Wedding

We’re most proud of the fact that we didn’t allow the pandemic to curb our determination to get married in our dream location. We are so grateful for modern-day technology that allowed us to have all of our friends and family there virtually! The pandemic absolutely changed our original wedding plans, so we were on the fence quite a few times deciding if we should postpone a full year later.

Wedding Advice for Nearlyweds

The first thing that comes to both our minds is to follow your heart when planning. Always remember your wedding day is about you and your partner and you should do exactly what you want! It’s impossible to please everyone on your wedding day, so have fun, relax and bask in the beauty that you just married the love of your life!

A Lakeside Micro Wedding at Yosemite National Park

We chose to have our ceremony at Swinging Bridge Picnic Area. The wedding coordinator at Yosemite National Park gave us a list of locations to choose from for our ceremony. As soon as we visited this picnic area, I immediately envisioned myself walking over the bridge with my father as Rob waited on the Merced river bank! Not only was this such a stunning place for an intimate lakeside micro wedding ceremony, but in the background is a perfect shot of Yosemite Falls. This is the very first location Rob and I visited in the park. Having our wedding there made it feel like our love for this park came full circle.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Authentic Collective
Venue – Swinging Bridge, Yosemite National Park
Reception Venue, Cake, and Catering – Chateau Du Sureau
Floral Design – Sweet Dreams Weddings
Officiant – Kathleen Malloy
Wedding Dress – Madi Lane Bridal
Groom’s Apparel – Calvin Klein
Groom’s Accessories – TreeHut


Congratulations Emily and Robert on their gorgeous lakeside micro wedding.

Stunning New Orleans Micro Wedding *

Stunning New Orleans Micro Wedding *

Stunning New Orleans Micro Wedding

Micro weddings were a major trend in 2020 for more reasons than just the global pandemic. It’s intimate, budget-friendly, and allows for couples to get married wherever they want. And for Amber and Ramana, that meant choosing to have a New Orleans micro wedding surrounded by their closest friends and family. They gathered their wedding guests and ran around the streets of the French Quarter. Eventually ending the celebration with fresh beignets. 

What made their micro wedding truly special was infusing their cultures in their ceremony and read their own personalized vows. Thankfully, Junebug member Emily Delamater Photography captured all the smiles and love from this ceremony. If you’re ready to see the streets of New Orleans’ French Square and champagne toasts, keep scrolling to see this New Orleans micro wedding.  

The Couple:

Amber and Ramana

The Wedding:

ACE Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana


Great Laughs And Memories

We read our own vows and I loved that we fused our two cultures: his Indian heritage through the garland exchange and my Irish heritage through a poem. During the ceremony, we also had some fun bloopers like forgetting that the garlands were still in the hotel’s refrigerator and we forgot to get them out. We had to take an intermission to have someone find them, which allowed for some great laughs and time to soak in all of the people who were sitting there with us. Things don’t have to be perfect on your wedding day. Some of my favorite memories from that day were just hilarious mishaps.  

Best Friends And Beignets

Another favorite memory was feeding each other beignets when we ran around New Orleans with our photographers, after the brunch, and getting covered in sugar. That was amazing. Also, my best friend since childhood was our officiant and that was really special. I just loved what she added to our ceremony and it was so lovely having her there as we said our “I do’s.”

Wedding Advice From the Bride

Always hire a coordinator! I’m a wedding photographer and I really thought I could do it all on my own because I’ve witnessed so many weddings. But, it just takes so much stress off your shoulders to have that extra help. Even if it’s an intimate day, it’s so worth it. Also, your photographer is so much more than your photographer! I was so lucky to have my dear friend Emily Delamater and her husband Matt shoot our wedding. They were so helpful and delivered the most lovely heirlooms for us.  

Why A New Orleans Micro Wedding

We loved the ambiance of the ACE Hotel New Orleans and Seaworthy Restaurant next door because of the old world feel we were going for. Seaworthy especially struck a chord with me. It was the perfect atmosphere for our tiny wedding. We fell in love the second we saw the images online and knew that was it.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Emily Delamater Photography
Ceremony Venue – Ace Hotel New Orleans
Reception Venue + Catering – Seaworthy Restaurant
Floral Design – Antigua Floral
Cake – Salt and Light Pastry Co
Invitation Design – Papersource
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Embodyment Salon
Wedding Dress – BHLDN
Groom’s Apparel – Suitsupply
Rings – Ila


Congratulations to Amber and Ramana on their New Orleans micro wedding. Huge thanks to Junebug member Emily Delamater PhoVtography for capturing and sharing this day with us. Check out more of her work in her profile on our website. Micro weddings aren’t going anywhere in 2021. If you’re looking to plan a micro wedding of your own, check out our ultimate guide to planning a micro wedding


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