Moody And Romantic Iceland Seaside Elopement

Moody And Romantic Iceland Seaside Elopement

Moody And Romantic Iceland Seaside Elopement

Since the pandemic hit, more couples are opting to travel the world for a once-in-a-lifetime elopement in a faraway destination. After falling in love with the idea of tying the knot in the land of fire and ice, Ariel and Vic tied the knot in an intimate Iceland seaside elopement. Oh, and did we mention they flew over 18 hours from Hong Kong to get there?!

Their special day was complete with a ceremony with waterfall views–a location that they picked the day of the wedding–zoom calls with family members, and moody portraits taken by Junebug photographer Sunday & White on the foggy coastline. So if you’re considering ditching the idea of a big wedding idea and eloping in your dream city or country, you’re going to want to see this. Just have those passports ready because you’re going to want to book those flights.

The Couple:

Ariel and Vic

The Wedding:

Kvernufoss, Vik, Iceland

A Memorable Drive On The Morning Of The Iceland Seaside Elopement

The most memorable part of the day was driving two hours back and forth from our hotel to the District Commissioners Office to submit the hard copies of our marriage documents. This happened on the morning of our wedding! It was an extremely tight schedule, and my partner and I were rushing a lot during the few hours before our ceremony. Strangely enough, it was also very exciting, and I am so glad that I had her by my side and we managed this together. We also only decided on the location of the ceremony a few hours beforehand. My partner and I drove there in the morning to scope out the location as we had never visited it before. And when we saw it, we just knew this was the place. That was a very special moment for us.

Tying The Knot During A Pandemic

Getting married during COVID is a truly challenging but also very memorable time. We tried to prepare as much as we could but also embraced the idea of the process being quite unpredictable. There was constantly an element of “winging it,” especially during the pandemic, in addition to Iceland being well known for having very unpredictable weather. We only decided on our wedding location on the day of our wedding!

Exploring Iceland After A Long Trip

I am so proud that my partner and I managed to plan our trip and get married during the pandemic. We flew all the way from Hong Kong to Iceland, which is a country neither of us had visited before. We got married in front of a waterfall, then went on our honeymoon touring the rest of Iceland for two weeks. It was short but sweet, and we had some hiccups along the way, but at the end of the day, it’s being able to overcome the little obstacles that make the whole process so memorable.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Sunday & White


Congratulations Ariel and Vic, on their Iceland seaside elopement! We’re so thankful that Junebug photographer Sunday & White was there to capture the intimate moments of their special day. See more of their work in our collection of wedding professionals from around the world.



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Forest, Ocean, And A Beautiful Beach Elopement *

Forest, Ocean, And A Beautiful Beach Elopement *

If you’re trying to decide between a forest, ocean, or beach elopement you should pick all three just like this couple. Chris and David wanted an adventurous elopement that was made up of special moments and stunning scenery. Making Big Sur, California the perfect “I do” location—a picture-perfect backdrop without distracting from the main event, their love. 

Photographer Heather K Purdy captured every powerful moment, from exchanging “I do’s” amongst the rugged California coastline to celebrating with a champagne shower on the beach. Though these moments took center stage, they still used fashion and soft floral boutonnieres by Cassia Foret as a way to add personality in a subtle and show-stopping way. 

If you’re searching for simple personality-filled elopement inspiration, look no further. This jaw-dropping beach elopement is the perfect place to start pulling your inspiration from. 

The Couple:

Chris and David

The Wedding:

Big Sur, California

The Power Of Eloping 

We wanted to make sure that we made it about David and I. We ended up choosing to elope because our wedding planning was becoming about everyone else. We wanted to prioritize our love and we wouldn’t change a thing. 

Little Moments That Made For A Memorable Beach Elopement 

One of the most memorable moments was walking along the beach and spotting a random butterfly made of shells. David and I both have very important late relatives whom we associate with butterflies. It was very special and neither of us said a word when we came across it; we just looked at one another and knew.


Plans Changed Due To COVID

We were supposed to get married in Amsterdam spring of 2020. We had to cancel all of our plans due to the pandemic and decided to just wait till things felt right. We had always wanted to drive the Pacific Coastal Highway in California and Big Sur has always seemed like a dream. It all just fell into place and was more amazing than we could ever have imagined.

Working With Heather K Purdy 

Heather K Purdy is incredible. We actually met the day before our wedding and she invited us to lunch the day after. So, we basically saw her everyday that we were in Big Sur and still keep in touch. I’m a photographer myself, and working with Heather could not have been more amazing. I released all control and she made our moments even more memorable.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Heather K Purdy
Floral Design – Cassia Foret


Congratulations to Chris and David on their simple Big Sur beach elopement. And big thanks to photographer Heather K Purdy for preserving these precious, intimate moments that adventurous wedding planning couples can draw elopement inspiration from. 

We’re here to remind you that choosing an elopement-styled ceremony doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a beautiful wedding day. There are endless ways to incorporate your personality like Chris and David. After finalizing a budget and selecting a destination, find a wedding photographer you can trust to capture your love story. 

Jaw-Dropping Helicopter Elopement in Alaska *

Jaw-Dropping Helicopter Elopement in Alaska *


Getting married is sometimes described as taking your love to new heights. For some couples, this means literally new heights. Bianca and David’s helicopter elopement in Alaska was just that. After their wedding was canceled multiple times due to the pandemic, the two opted for an adventurous Seward elopement that can be summed up in one word–epic.

Despite the hiccups during pandemic wedding planning, the day turned out beautifully with the help of their photographer Donna Irene Weddings, who doubled as their wedding planner. From the emotional vows to an elopement picnic complete with a wedding cake baked by the bride, this elopement is the perfect example of how incredible a day can be–big or small–when it revolves around you as a couple and everything that you love.

We know that you may not be convinced to ditch the big wedding for a mountaintop elopement yet. But after one look at these beautiful images you’ll be booking flights to your dream destination

Donna Irene’s Experience Shooting Their Special Day

We flew into Anchorage and then drove to Seward, a small town on the coast of Alaska. Bianca and David stayed at Windsong Lodge, got ready in their cabin, and did their first look in the forest on the property. Bianca was on the Great American Baking Show and even brought her own cake on the plane and decorated it on the spot with extra blooms from the florist!

In the evening, we took off on our helicopter tour with Seward Helicopters and were instantly blown away by the rugged mountain peaks all around us. We made our first landing on a snowy mountaintop that no one had ever been to before, and it all felt too beautiful to be real. We explored the peak and just took in the views and shot photos before heading to our second landing. 

Once there, the helicopter crew set up their sunset picnic while they exchanged their vows on a grassy cliff. They exchanged their vows and rings, said I do, and then popped champagne. Then they shared a drink and the cake the bride had made on the picnic setup they brought themselves!

The Couple:

Bianca and David

The Wedding:

Seward, Alaska

Why A Helicopter Elopement In Alaska

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is stressful. We had to cancel our large wedding events on two separate occasions, which caused a lot of friction but ultimately led us to an incredible experience eloping in Alaska.

A Memorable Helicopter Ride

Easily the most memorable part of the day was stepping off of the helicopter and arriving on our remote mountain top. As we left the helicopter we knew that this would be the place that commemorated our love. The spot was remote, peaceful, magical, and majestic all at the same time. The snow was untouched, the sun was shining, and the air was crisp and pure. Everything about the scene was so calming and beautiful. We paused for a moment to take it in. We’re so thankful that Seward Helicopters scoped this location specifically for us!

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Including DIY Touches To The Day

Bianca is a designer and baker, so she ended up having lots of fun pulling together different elements for our day. She made her polymer clay textured earrings, our watercolor and hand-bound vow booklets, the picnic set up, and our delicious wedding cake.

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A Wedding Cake That Traveled With The Couple

We only took a bottle of champagne and the mini-wedding cake with us to the mountain. We went with one of our favorites and made a 4.5-inch, three-layer roasted pistachio cake with vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream, all covered with luxurious white chocolate ganache and flowers from our florist. As a baker, being able to make my own wedding cake was a dream come true. I whipped it up at home right before we left for Alaska and was able to transport it easily. I like to call it our little adventure elopement cake!

The Wedding Team:

Photography & Event Planning – Donna Irene Weddings
Floral Design – Fireseed Florals
Cake – Bianca Bakes
Videography – Marco Coelho
Wedding Dress – Willowby by Watters
Groom’s Apparel – Indochino
Rings – Valerie Madison & Jewelry Escorial
Transportation – Seward Helicopters


Congratulations again to Bianca and David on their helicopter elopement in Alaska. Big thank you to Donna Irene Weddings for planning and capturing the beauty of this adventurous day. To get inspired for your own epic “I do’s,” check out these stunning national parks that make the perfect elopement backdrop!

Romantic Oceanside Elopement With A Moody Color Palette *

Romantic Oceanside Elopement With A Moody Color Palette *

With a love as deep as the ocean, it only felt right for Tuong An and Tuan Anh to exchange “I do’s” with the sea as their witness. This couple dreamed of an oceanside elopement that was bold, show-stopping, and honored the venue’s natural beauty while still incorporating details that authentically represented their love

Florals by The Dang Studio filled the asymmetrical ceremony arch that framed the wavy Vĩnh Hy Bay backdrop. A vow rug was also the cherry-on-top addition, making for a special keepsake that’ll last long beyond their wedding day. Both of these simple details sure made a splash. 

If you’re not yet convinced an elopement is right for you, you will be after catching one glimpse of these images by Junebug member ​​Thien Tong Photography. From the handwritten vows to the intimate sunset reception, these preserved memories showcase the moments that make an elopement worth it.  

Photographer’s Thoughts On This Oceanside Elopement 

Born in a coastal land, An grew up desiring that one day she could tie the knot with her life partner surrounded by waves, sunlight, and wind. That’s why An and her soon-to-be husband chose Vinh Hy Bay—one of the most beautiful with untouched wilderness beaches in Vietnam. Together with the harmony of waves they read their vows, laughed, and cried.

The Couple:

Tuong An and Tuan Anh

The Wedding:

Vinh Hy bay, Ninh Thuan

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Vendors 

Our biggest piece of advice is to choose the right vendors. Select vendors that listen to what you want and turn all of your ideas into reality—no matter how crazy they are. 

A Dream Made A Reality 

I was born in a coastal city so my dream is to be able to exchange kisses and rings with my groom to mark a memorable milestone in my life near the seaside. 

Working With Photographer ​​Thien Tong Photography 

​​Thien Tong Photography is super friendly and warm. He’s devoted to his work and sharing our story. He made us feel really comfortable in front of the camera. 

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Thien Tong Photography.
Floral Design – The Dang Studio
Makeup Artist – Tú Tạ
Wedding Dress – Pansy Bridal


Congratulations to Tuong An and Tuan Anh on their sunset oceanside elopement. And big thanks to Junebug member Thien Tong Photography for preserving the beauty of this celebration. An intimate wedding that’s sure to convince couples to trade their traditional wedding for an adventurous elopement.


Surprisingly Glam Courthouse Wedding *

Surprisingly Glam Courthouse Wedding *

Surprisingly Glam Courthouse Wedding

Having a glam courthouse wedding is no easy feat, but Logan and Eddie did it beautifully. They didn’t want to wait any longer to get married—not even the rain could stop their love. To make their love story official, they decided on having a civil ceremony now and a huge party later. 

Thanks to event planner Honey + Thyme Events, they made the most of their courthouse wedding by incorporating wedding traditions, unique personal touches, and gorgeous wedding day fashion. Logan wore a puffy-sleeved mini dress with pearls, low heels, and a simple pink rose bouquet while Eddie wore a tan suit with brown loafers. Scroll down to see more of this gorgeously glam courthouse wedding captured by Jessi Lancaster.

The Couple:

Logan and Eddie

The Wedding:

Mecklenburg County Courthouse, Charlotte, North Carolina

Why A Glam Courthouse Wedding?

We chose the courthouse because we knew we wanted a location that represented Charlotte, our new home, and the place Eddie proposed. It didn’t hurt that our courthouse has beautiful architectural details and colors that perfectly tied into my overall vision for our wedding day celebration next year. We would go on walks around the city and I would always admire the columns and quotes etched into the building—it was a perfect fit.

The Groom’s Most Memorable Moment

The rain was pretty memorable in a good way. It made everything reflective and cool. It also meant we had to stay close to each other under the umbrella, which I loved.

Most Memorable Part for the Bride

The most memorable part of the day was running out of the courthouse full of adrenaline and feeling so elated and even silly! We danced and ran around while Jessi captured the perfect memories. I remember letting out a big laugh and exclaiming “babe, did we just get married!?”

Not Following Their Original Plan

I’m proud that I trusted my gut even though this wasn’t our original plan. And that we stayed true to ourselves and kept it just us two. With it being just Eddie and me, I was able to be in the moment with him completely the whole day.

Advice From The Bride

Embrace the traditions you love and throw out any you don’t care about or that don’t suit you. And although it can be difficult, avoid focusing on trends and focus on the details of your relationship instead! Also, hire a wedding planner.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Jessi Lancaster
Event Planning – Honey + Thyme Events
Ceremony Venue – Mecklenburg County Courthouse
Floral Design – Seeded Events & Design
Cake – Button Bakery
Makeup Artist + Hair Styling – Look Love Beauty
Wedding Dress – Odylyne The Ceremony
Groom’s Apparel – Joseph Abboud


Congratulations to Eddie and Logan on their glam courthouse wedding! Thank you to Honey + Thyme Events for sharing it with us. From elopements to large ceremonies, there are many US cities to choose from for your destination wedding. If you can’t decide on the venue in your destination, check out these Airbnbs from every US state. 


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