Uniquely Personalized Micro Wedding Inspiration Shoot *

Uniquely Personalized Micro Wedding Inspiration Shoot *

personalized micro wedding inspiration

This uniquely personalized micro inspiration wedding in Brooklyn, New York proves that when talented wedding vendors come together, magical things happen. From the decor to the fashion, no detail was short of amazing. The peachy floral arrangements by Yellow Bow Florals tied together the existing venue features—from the exposed brick to the draped twinkle lights—of this outdoor wedding venue garden space, the Tuffet. Stunning doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Photographer Lucie B. Photography captured the unforgettable elements of this unique micro wedding shoot perfectly—sure to be used for inspiration by couples planning their celebrations. 

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First and foremost, this shoot excites me because it is inclusive—featuring an LGBTQ couple. We need more diversity in the wedding industry, so any opportunity to show more inclusivity, I’m all about it! It also reflects the type of weddings that are taking place due to COVID. We wanted to show that although smaller, COVID weddings can still be so full of life and completely personalized. 

There were many elements of this micro wedding that were unique to the couple: their choice of florals and ceremony decor, their custom signature drinks and guestbook designs, and their photos in their laundromat and on their skateboard. Even though our couple’s weddings are looking a little different these days, it doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice their vision or personal style.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Lucie B. Photography
Event Planning – Marian Frances Weddings
Ceremony Venue – Tuffet
Floral Design – Yellow Bow Florals
Invitation Design – Minted 
Wedding Dress – BHLDN

Micro weddings are becoming increasingly popular—for good reason. Maybe you’re looking to avoid the unwanted wedding planning stress that is associated with planning a large wedding. Maybe you’re searching for unique ways to save on your carefully crafted budget. Whatever your reasoning may be, a micro wedding might be perfect for you.  Check out these Junebug-approved tips for planning an unforgettable micro wedding that embodies the uniqueness of your own love. 


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Gorgeous and Intimate Catskill Mountains Elopement *

Gorgeous and Intimate Catskill Mountains Elopement *

2020 was a challenging year, to say the least. But if there’s one thing that came from it, it’s the fact that couples didn’t let it stop them from vowing to spend forever together. When Hadley and Andrea’s 150-person wedding was canceled–rather than let it get them down–they opted for a Catskill mountains elopement at the Scandinavian Upstate Barn. And although their special day looked a little different than they envisioned, the two said “I do” in front of their loved ones.

From Andrea’s emerald Bindle & Keep suit to Hadley’s Calvin Klein high-low copper dress that she paired with rainbow glitter boots, the wedding fashion was not only unique, but it also matched the moody color palette perfectly. And that wasn’t the only creative aspect of the day. Andrea wore a pin with a photo of her late father, and the two opted for a broken glass unity ceremony–just to name a few.

We’re so thankful that Junebug member Par La Mer Photography was there to not only capture the beauty of the day but also played a part in planning the whole thing. What can’t our members do?

The Couple:

Hadley and Andrea

The Wedding:

Scandinavian Upstate Barn, Germantown, New York

Wedding Advice From The Couple

If planning a wedding during a pandemic taught us anything, it was to be flexible. We originally planned a large wedding for 150 people, but once it was clear that we couldn’t safely have the ceremony we dreamed of, we had to reassess and figure out what was important to us. Instead of postponing the wedding, we decided to elope, which meant planning a whole new ceremony that looked a lot different from what we initially envisioned. Rarely does anything in life go perfectly according to plan, so be flexible! It’s okay to make changes that might not align completely with your original vision as long as you stay true to who you are as a couple. 

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Remembering Late Loved Ones

My father passed away from cancer not long ago, and I was struggling with the fact that he couldn’t be there to see us get married. Hadley–very thoughtfully–bought me a pin with his picture that we pinned to the boutonniere of my suit. He was with me for the entire ceremony, and it was honestly the best gift she could have given me.

Personalizing The Ceremony With Vows And A Unity Ceremony

We chose to do a unity ceremony using broken colored glass. During our ceremony, we blended the glass together to symbolize our union of marriage and two becoming one. We decided to ship the glass out and have an ornament made to commemorate our special day. We also chose to write our own vows. Writing our vows made our ceremony personal to the two of us by allowing us to have a special moment to speak directly to one another and truly celebrate one another.

A Catskill Mountains Elopement Full Of Moody Vibes

We have always been a non-traditional couple, and you can definitely see that in the alternative style of our wedding. We chose a moody color palette, textured florals, and a backdrop that brought our whole vibe together. We both wore darker colors that stood out against the crisp white of the barn and the muted colors of the winter mountains. We wanted our wedding to be bold and dramatic but have some boho elements throughout. We opted for big boho braids and earth tones for our wardrobe while also incorporating more dramatic fun pieces like Hadley’s pair of amazing rainbow glitter boots and leather jacket. We were married outside at sunset, and we decided to incorporate some of the vintage pieces around the barn into our ceremony to help bring the whole vibe together.

The Wedding Team:

Photography & Event Planning – Par La Mer Photography
Venue – Scandinavian Upstate Barn
Floral Design – Sea Change Farm and Flower
Cake – Olive Sunflower Bakes
Officiant – Hudson Valley Ceremonies
Invitation Design – TS Calligraphy
Makeup Artist & Hair Styling – Eye for Beauty
Wedding Dress – Calvin Klein
Bridal Suit – Bindle & Keep
Rings – Kevin Edward Jewelers

Congratulations again to Hadley and Andrea on their intimate Catskill mountains elopement. We’re so thankful that Junebug Par La Mer Photography was there to help plan and photograph the special day. To see more of Tonya’s work, check out her profile in our directory of wedding photographers from around the world!


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Outlier Inn Wedding Featuring Silence, Food, and Friends *

Outlier Inn Wedding Featuring Silence, Food, and Friends *

Weddings with furry friends are always fun, but what if the furry friend can’t attend your wedding? Kate and Anthony had to leave their beloved cat at home, but they paid homage to their fur baby by adding a cat to their wedding favors! That’s just the beginning of the fun. Their unique and beautiful Outlier Inn wedding also had a few surprise guests—cats, alpacas, sheep, and goats all on property. 

Kate and Anthony really made their wedding their own by adding elements of their heritages, DIYing their wedding favors, having an interactive cake, and including a precious moment of silence. As if those details weren’t enough, they also created a mouthwatering Chinese-Russian fusion food combining their cultural backgrounds both in marriage, and as a meal. Keep scrolling to see every detail of this outdoor Outlier Inn wedding perfectly captured by Sylvie Rosokoff

The Couple:

Kate and Anthony

The Wedding:

Outlier Inn, Woodridge, New York

A Long Moment of Silence

Our ceremony began with five minutes of silence. I grew up attending Quaker schools, where silence is a regular practice. We wanted to create an open space for reflection and a pause in the middle of the day. After we’d walked up the aisle, and our friend and officiant asked our guests to settle in for the period of silence, the three of us looked at each other with sudden panic. Nobody had a watch. Incredibly, our friend timed five minutes exactly. It was the best moment of reflection regardless, standing in front of our friends and family with time to breathe slowly and think about what was about to happen.

Personalized Touches

The music played as we walked down the aisle was also composed by a friend of ours, who managed to adapt the 1998 pop song “Crush” for the keyboard, violin, and cello. Kate’s brother created a station for guests to write letters to us to open on our first and fifth year anniversary and designed wooden boxes to hold the letters until then.

DIY Outlier Inn Wedding

Many elements of our wedding were DIY. The two favors we gave out were a pair of iridescent chopsticks that we had printed with the words, “I accept my feelings” (which comes from a Twitter bot that has some meaning in our relationship) and a cookbook that we compiled with comfort food recipes from our friends and family.

Shop similar wedding chopsticks: personalized wedding favor chopsticks ($79.50)

Combining Culinary Cultures

Our families are Russian and Chinese, so we combined culinary influences from both in the menu. Our reception appetizers included beet chips with sour cream and my recipe for Lao Gan Ma chili crisp deviled eggs. We had both pierogi and potstickers during the main meal, in a nod to the holiday dumpling party that we throw every year. Our cake had layers of lemon curd and blueberries, which Anthony loves, and a Sichuan peppercorn buttercream.

Wedding Advice for Nearlyweds

Delegate. We didn’t have a wedding planner, so we made exhaustive lists of everything that needed to be done, and then distributed the tasks among the friends and family who we thought could handle them. One couple who was good with timing and crowds acted as our masters of ceremony and day-of coordinators, so we went over all the logistics with them beforehand so that we wouldn’t be constantly bombarded with questions. Other friends were put in charge of decorating the reception area, audio-visual set up in the dance tent, building the bonfire, or fetching ice.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Sylvie Rosokoff
Venue – Outlier Inn
Floral Design – Jennifer Zumba
Catering – Ian Boyle
Cake – Nico Fonseca, a.k.a. Mister Jaune
DJ – Cecil Frena
Invitation Design – Zoya Feldman
Wedding Dress – Shareen Bridal
Bridal Accessories – Lelet NY
Bride’s Shoes – Brother Vellies
Groom’s Apparel – Black Lapel
Rings – Iker Ortiz

Congratulations Kate and Anthony on their perfect Outlier Inn wedding. Huge shout out to Sylvie Rosokoff for capturing and sharing this day with us. If you’re planning a wedding without a wedding planner, check out our ultimate wedding planning guide and our tips on creating your wedding mood board to help you plan the wedding of your dreams!


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Romantic And Intimate Shakespeare Garden Elopement *

Romantic And Intimate Shakespeare Garden Elopement *

Elopements have taken the world by storm thanks to COVID, and while they may not be the celebrations couples originally planned on having, we love how intimate they are. After months of planning, librarians Amanda and Caitlin opted for a Shakespeare Garden elopement as a nod to their time as booksellers and favorite date night activity. 

Caitlin looked glamorous in her Eloquii blue sequined dress, and we’re obsessed with Amanda’s bridal suit. There’s nothing we love more than couples breaking wedding traditions, after all. And both styles fit perfectly with their New York city portraits by photographer Sylvie Rosokoff. Keep scrolling to take a stroll through this Big Apple elopement.

The Couple:

Amanda and Caitlin

The Wedding:

Shakespeare Garden, Central Park, New York

Why A Shakespeare Garden Elopement

We chose the Shakespeare Garden in Central Park as the site of our elopement because one of our favorite traditions–that started before we were even dating–has been to go to Shakespeare in the Park every summer together. We met as booksellers, and are now both librarians. Since we are also early risers we also wanted to marry early in the morning—it’s the perfect way to start the day. Marrying early allowed us to avoid the crowds and made us feel like we were all alone in Central Park.

Unique Bridal Fashion

For a long time, Caitlin thought that we would both be wearing suits at our wedding. However, after a long winter and COVID quarantining, she wanted something colorful and bright and sparkly; something that reflected how she felt–exuberant in love. She was able to find her blue sequined dress on Eloquii in the sale section after a long virtual search. It wasn’t so much about the brand or price of the dress but how it made her feel, which was incredible.

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The Couple’s Favorite Photo At The Met

Our favorite photo was taken sitting on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a place we often visit in non-COVID times. We like to get lost amongst the art together. When we first saw this photograph as part of a sneak peek, we actually gasped. It’s of the two of us looking at each other, and Caitlin’s flowers resting against her foot. The colors are so vibrant, and our shared look is so clearly full of love. Sylvie was able to beautifully capture this moment of intimate joy. If we only had this photo of our wedding day, it would be more than enough.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Sylvie Rosokoff
Venue – Shakespeare Garden
Floral Design – Extrafloral
Makeup Artist – Jane Meng
Hair Styling – Zeta Korqa
Wedding Dress – Eloquii
Rings – Catbird NYC

Congratulations again to Amanda and Caitlin on their intimate Shakespeare Garden elopement. Big thank you to Sylvie Rosokoff for capturing the day and sharing it with Junebug. To make your own elopement unique, check out these 16 elopement ideas to make your small wedding special!


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Elegant Eclectic Catskills Barn Wedding with Halloween Vibes *

Elegant Eclectic Catskills Barn Wedding with Halloween Vibes *

It may only be the end of August but we are ready for spooky season. Luckily, we’ve got Nicole and Kellin’s elegant, eclectic Catskills barn wedding to give us all the Halloween vibes. After choosing to use Kellin’s family barn–which is also used for an annual Halloween celebration complete with scary movies and pumpkin carving–they began the renovation process where they found antique pieces of furniture that they incorporated into their special day. They opted out of table numbers and chose smaller antique items like old telephones, books, and even skulls for their “head table.” Oh, and did we mention that they arrived at their ceremony by boat? Talk about an unforgettable entrance.

Though most of the wedding was DIY, we’re so glad that Junebug member Par La Mer Photography was there to capture the essence of this unique day. Here’s what she had to say about the day:

“Nicole & Kellin are a very artistic, detailed oriented couple. They designed their tablescapes with vintage and antique items that they sourced from Kellin’s family estate. Kellin’s family owns the local marina, so they planned their first look at a location where they could then take a ride over to the marina in their boat for portraits. Kellin’s mother passed unexpectedly almost two months before their wedding. Her favorite color was orange, so they found ways to incorporate that color into their florals. It was a very beautiful and emotional wedding.”

The Couple:

Nicole and Kellin

The Wedding:

Family Estate, Catskills, New York

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Why A Catskills Barn Wedding

Our venue was the backyard and barn at Kellin’s parents’ house. The barn has been in Kellin’s family since his grandparents moved to Catskill in 1955, and Kellin’s mother and uncles shared endless fond memories of playing there as children. For the past ten years, the barn has been home to Barnstorm – an annual party for family and friends that features a pumpkin carving contest, music, and scary movies. As one of our favorite places to bring people together, the barn was the most meaningful location we could have chosen for our wedding. Being able to spend time and money on cleaning and fixing up the barn instead of renting a venue meant that we were investing in a space that we would return to and use repeatedly.

DIYing the Wedding

Two days before the wedding, we still didn’t have a plan for an archway or ceremony backdrop. Kellin looked around and found a few big pieces of old “reclaimed” wood, and he and his dad constructed an arch in less than an hour. We added a few other objects around it –an antique door, huge glass, and ceramic jugs, and a pair of owl-shaped andirons – and friends and family contributed bales of hay and gourds to fill it out and create an aisle leading up. It was a very collaborative process. From there, our florist swooped in and added the florals, which brought it all together.

Addressing the Absence of Loved Ones

Kellin’s mother passed away less than two months before the wedding, and we knew that she would be on everyone’s minds during the ceremony. Our officiant (who is essentially a member of our extended family) started with a beautiful tribute that acknowledged the absence we all felt, then transitioned into the wedding ceremony.

How the Couple Included Their Guests in the Ceremony

We wanted a moment in our ceremony that included our guests, so Kellin’s brother created and led an interactive activity inspired by “exquisite corpse” games. He taped notecards to the underside of each chair, with a different word on each card, before the ceremony began. Before we exchanged our vows, he instructed each guest to look under their chair to find their word. Starting with the prompt “We wish…”, they created a collaborative message for us by shouting out their word when they thought it should come next. The result was a completely unique poem/blessing for us, from our guests’ collective voice.

Their Spooky Wedding Vibe

Because the barn had been used as a storage space for multiple generations, we were able to rummage through and discovered incredible antique and vintage items that brought together rustic, elegant, eclectic, and fun elements to create a cohesive look. We used mismatched antique dressers and buffet tables for the bar and dinner buffet and turned a large wood spool into a cake stand. Instead of table numbers, we used smaller objects as centerpieces –books, lanterns, old telephones, etc–and Halloween skulls for the “head” table.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Par La Mer Photography
Floral Design – Pistil Whip Design
Catering – Culinary Accommodations
Cake – Delightful Bites by Nina
DJ – DJ Monty
Invitation Design – Minted
Hair Styling – Spalon Hudson
Wedding Dress – BHLDN
Bridal Accessories – Abiza Jewelry
Bridesmaids’ Apparel – Azazie
Groom’s Apparel – ASOS
Rings – Goldenacts
Rentals – Cantele’s

Congratulations again to Nicole and Kellin on their Catskills barn wedding! Thank you to Junebug member Par La Mer Photography for sharing their special day with us. To see more of Tonya’s work, check out her profile in our directory of best wedding photographers in the world!


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