Perfectly Customized DIY Yosemite Elopement P

Perfectly Customized DIY Yosemite Elopement P

A touching first look, a ceremony overlooking all of Yosemite, and an elopement picnic to celebrate–Madison and Dallas’ DIY Yosemite elopement was the perfect combination of boho and adventurous. Despite the National Park being closed due to COVID and wildfires, the couple made their dream day come true, and we can’t get enough of it.

From the hand-written vows to the cliffside portraits captured by Wesley Harden to a DIY charcuterie board, every detail was carefully planned out by the newlyweds themselves. So keep scrolling to see how these two proved that although wedding planning can be quite the climb, the view from the top is always worth it.

The Couple:

Madison and Dallas

The Wedding:

Yosemite National Park, California

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Why A DIY Yosemite Elopement

We are an adventurous couple—always hiking and traveling. We chose Yosemite because it’s beautiful and we had never been there previously, but now it’s a special place we can visit as often as we would like!

All Odds Were Against Them

We’re so proud of the fact that the wedding even happened. All the odds were against us, with COVID closing the park and wildfires shutting the park down as well. We’re so proud that we made it happen so beautifully.

A DIY Elopement Picnic Set-Up

I DIYed our table setup, I was quoted $1700 for a simple tablescape, so I went to World Market and replicated it with my own flare for a fraction of the cost. We also brought in everything for the charcuterie board.

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The Wedding Team:

Photography – Wesley Harden
Venue – Yosemite National Park
Floral Design – Chocolate & Posies
Cake – Eddie’s Bakery & Cafe
Officiant – From The Heart Ceremonies
Videography – Emma K Films
Makeup Artist – Jennifer Hull
Hair Styling – The Hair Loft Clovis
Wedding Dress – Rish via Alta Moda Bridal
Groom’s Apparel – Men’s Wearhouse

Congratulations again to Madison and Dallas on their DIY Yosemite elopement! Thank you to Wesley Harden for sharing their special day with us. If you’re planning your own elopement, be sure to check out our ultimate elopement planning checklist to get started.


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Hopelessly Romantic National Park Elopement P

Hopelessly Romantic National Park Elopement P

If eloping is the trend, then let’s make it a grand one. Opting for an adventurous elopement, BriAnna and Katlynn headed to Yosemite National Park to elope in the most hopelessly romantic way possible. With laced, chiffon bridal gowns, matching white boots, and their daughter as their witness, this couple planned a beautiful day with mountain views and a park all to themselves. 

They ended their sunset excursion with champagne popping cliffside as the sky turned purple—perfection. Whether you’re looking for yet another excuse to whisk away and elope with your partner or not, grab your boots and let’s go hiking with Junebug member Kylie Farmer Photography to Yosemite National Park. These photos are too good to pass up.

The Couple:

BriAnna and Katlynn

The Wedding:

Yosemite National Park, CA

Planning Sunrise To Sunset

The most important part of this day was planning how we were going to do our first look. Since we were doing it at sunrise, we had to really think about what time to get up and where to get ready. We stayed in a camper at AutoCamp, which we highly recommend. Kylie helped with all of that, and it went smoothly for the most part! I got ready in the camper with our daughter, and Bri walked up in the dark to the lobby bathroom to get ready. 

Our Eternal Vow

The most memorable part of the day for the two of us was definitely when we exchanged our vows on the top of the mountain with the sunrise peeking through. It was such a magical moment and feeling. 

Elopement Wedding Advice

My biggest piece of advice would be to not get too stressed out about your planning. Remember that this is simply a celebration of the love you have for each other. Stay in the present and enjoy the planning. The day comes and goes so fast! Choose what is most important to you and do just that.

Why They Chose A Yosemite National Park Elopement 

California holds a special place in our hearts. We got engaged in March of 2019 on the coast of California in Mendocino. We knew we wanted to be surrounded by the beauty of trees and mountains, and Yosemite just felt right.

DIY Bouquets

We were looking on Pinterest and Etsy for artificial bouquets because we didn’t want to go through the hassle to find real ones out in California. Plus, we didn’t know how we’d preserve them before we went home. Since we paid for everything ourselves, we weren’t able to afford the Etsy bouquets we loved. Then, I had an idea to try and make our bouquets! So I masked up, went to the nearest craft store, and bought flowers, filling, twine and ribbon. They survived checking them on our plane, hiking with them all day, and shoving them in suitcases, and are now a keepsake.

The Wedding Team:

Photography – Kylie Farmer Photography
Venue – Yosemite National Park
Wedding Dresses – Willowby By Watters
Wedding Boots – Dr. Martens

Congratulations to BriAnna and Katlynn on your beautiful national park elopement. Shoutout and thank you to Junebug member Kylie Farmer Photography for sharing this day. If you’re ready to elope, check out our ultimate elopement planning checklist and 16 elopement ideas that will make your day extra special. 


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